The Best Gifts for Organized People

I rounded up the best organization Christmas gifts for organizers like me! So, if you have organized people on your list, I have the best ideas for you. All the organizational gifts and products mentioned in this post are tried and true by yours truly. So get comfy, and get ideas to surprise your organization-obsessed friend this holiday season!

Every year around this time, our minds start getting scattered, trying to find the best gifts for our loved ones. And each year, finding the perfect gift gets a bit harder as children, parents, and friends get older. Shopping for teens and adults is hard! But, for organized people like me, giving (and receiving!) organizational gifts are the best kind of gift. Trust me on this one. We are obsessed!

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What Kind of Gifts do Organizers Like?

Organizers like me love gifts that can help them:

  • Create tidy spaces.
  • Create clean spaces.
  • Craft and decorate (we are very creative!).
  • Save time and plan ahead (time management is at the top of our list!)

So, I have organized (ha! no pun intended) this post into those categories. Whenever possible, I link to the organization projects I have done so you can see all these gifts for organized people in action.

Gifts to Create Tidy Spaces

As an organizer and homemaker, these are the kind of gifts that speak to me! I am happy with bins, baskets, drawer organizers, you name it; I welcome any gift that can help me sort, categorize, and stow away. I think that women tend to be more organized, so these would make perfect organizational Christmas gifts for her.

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Gifts to Create Clean Spaces

I know what you are thinking. Who wants to receive a cleaning caddy as a Christmas gift? Organizers like me love clean spaces that smell fresh all the time, so seriously, cleaning tools and supplies make great holiday gifts for organized and tidy people.

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Gifts for Creative Organizers

One of the Christmas gifts organizers always put on their list are things that can add pizzazz to their organization projects. Anything that can prettify and enhance the look of an organization project makes a perfect gift for an organizer.

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Gifts for Productive Organizers

You can’t have an organized home without an organized mind. This list features my favorite tools for planning and saving time. These gadgets are key for productive and organized people; I assure you, you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts!

  • Amazon Echo Show 15 – I recently purchased this digital command center, and I can not say enough good things about it. This is perfect if you want to impress your organizer friend with one of the best organization Christmas gifts. And it’s on sale right now (32% off) at the time of this post. Read my full Amazon Echo Show 15 review here.
  • Do What Matters Most – Don’t let the title of this book fool you. While most of it is geared toward the business manager, anyone can benefit from its great advice on goal setting and time management. I read and reviewed this book, and it’s an organizers’ must-read, so put it on your list of gifts this year. I also highly recommend the book, The Power of Habit.
  • Editable Meal Planner – Sometimes, the simplest organization starts with pen and paper. Give your best friend a printable and editable meal planner designed by yours truly. Or, if you feel generous, you can also give your organized friend lifetime access to our entire library of home management printables.
  • Rapid Receipt Scanner – I recently purchased this tiny but mighty receipt scanner. I love it because it does not take up any space and seamlessly connects to my business Quickbooks account. This is a gift that any organized person will love to receive!

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meal planner
library lifetime access
library lifetime access

I hope these organization Christmas gifts inspire and help you on the quest for the best gifts for the organized people in your life!

happy organizing, Flavia