Easy Cable Organization and Storage

I am thrilled to start the new year with an organization project! Today I want to show you how to organize all those cords and cables on the loose and finally get them under control. I used velcro ties for my cable management and a beautiful and practical storage box to keep all the cables in one place.

There are cables everywhere in this house. With all the computers, printers, cell phones, tablets, and crafting tools we own, it’s hard to keep track of all the cables and adapters. Nevertheless, trying to keep them untangled is a challenge. So it was time to organize all the cords, chargers, cables, and electronic devices lying around -basically- in every room in this house.

I color-coded my Silhouette and Cricut electronic cutters cables with velcro ties.

Every drawer in my home office had a cord, an AC adapter, or a cable. I had a hard time trying to figure out what belonged to what. For a girl who loves organizing, cable management wasn’t something I cared for much until now.

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Organize Cables and Cords with Velcro Ties

Although I have a method for organizing things, I must admit that my process is sometimes a little different. Sometimes, I start organizing things out of desperation and necessity. When something doesn’t go my way or upsets me, I try to focus my energy on completing a project or task.

This year, we added four more electronic devices to our never-ending assortment, and I knew we had reached the limit. So I resorted to my Amazon Office Organization Wish List, where I knew I saved those velcro ties for cable management a while back.

Supplies Needed for Cable Organization

  • Ties. I settled for this set of Velcro Ties for my cable management. You get 60 ties for a low price, and the quality is great. The velcro ties are also perfect for bigger and thicker cable management because you can attach one tie to another to make a longer tie.
  • Label Maker. I use the Brother P-Touch Cube. There are cheaper options available, but I prefer the convenience of typing on my phone. The cube design is sleek and perfect for my desk.
  • Storage Box to store the Cables. I used a Photo Case 4″ x 6″ Photo Box Storage.

This process was fast and easy. The key to making your cable management project a success is to gather all the loose and spare cords all at once, sort them, label them, and use a storage case to contain them and confine them. Here’s what I did.

1. Gather and Sort All the Cables

First, I searched the house for loose cables and cords stored in different rooms, cabinets, and drawers. Some chargers had to stay plugged in where they were because they currently serve a purpose. But anything else that was spare or extra, I brought it to my office and started the sorting process.

Cord organization

Once I had all the cables on the table, I sorted them by type. This article helped me understand and classify USB cables. I am tech savvy but I do not know much about the cable types, so this was a good learning exercise.

2. Tie the Cables with Velcro

The next step was to discard all the plastic ties and wrap each cable with the velcro ties. If desired, you can color code the cables, but I didn’t. I don’t think it’s strictly necessary if you decide to separate the cables within the storage box like me.

how to organize cables

The only cables I color-coded with the velcro ties were my Silhouette and Cricut cables. Only because these are cables that do not go inside the storage box. I keep them in my craft room/home office and I use them often, so in this case, color coding was great for fast recognition.

velcro ties for cable management
Color-coded velcro ties for Cricut and Silhouette cable organization

I do not keep my electronic cutters plugged in. Whenever I need to use them, I pull out the cables from my rolling cart drawers.

3. Type the Labels and Print

These are the name types I came up with to organize my cables. But feel free to adapt the label names according to your organization’s needs.

Velcro wire ties cable organization
The Brother P-Touch Cube label maker works via Bluetooth.
  • Apple. Instead of separating them into iPhone chargers, iPad chargers, or lightning cables, I decided to name two of the storage cases’ Apple’. This way, if anyone needs a cable for an Apple device, they know where to look.
  • USB 2.0 (Micro and Mini). These are data transfer and charging cables. Some belong to devices we no longer use, but I think it’s good to have spare ones.
  • Earbuds. These are inexpensive earbuds. We can use them if we are in a pinch or for school. I kept the original plastic ties on these tiny cables because I didn’t want to waste Velcro ties.
  • Ethernet Cables. Spare ethernet cables are always necessary in case the Wi-Fi fails.
  • HDMI
  • Audio Cables
  • A/V Cables
  • Adapters
  • SD Memory Cards and Flash Drives
  • Hard Drives

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3. Label the Cable Storage Cases

I had initially purchased the storage case to organize some of my Etsy shop supplies but never got around to it. The photo storage box was destined for cable management instead!

charger cord organizer

Once I had my cables organized, tied with Velcro, and sorted, I counted the number of groups (the type of cables or devices) I had and made sure I had enough 4×6 cases within the photo case storage box to fit all the cables.

cable storage boxes charger cord organizer

I had 3 cases to spare, so I left them unlabeled. I am sure I will find more cables and chargers in the future that will need some organizing!

charger cord organizer

4. Store the Cables and Other Devices in the Boxes

Finally, proceed to store your well-tied cables in separate storage boxes. As shown in the picture below, these boxes are big enough to accommodate large AC adapters.

My favorite part of this cable organization project is the storage case’s colors. My home office/craft room houses all kinds of binders in an array of rainbow colors, so the case fits in perfectly.

cable storage box
This photo case was perfect for my cable management project!

Hope this cable organization project inspires you! Hover over the image below to pin and save it for later!

cable storage box for home office

happy organizing, Flavia

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