Storage Under the Bathroom Sink

That small cabinet under the bathroom sink is prime real estate for storage. Every couple of years, I revisit my storage systems, and almost every time, I need to make adjustments and changes. Even the most organized people need to organize frequently.

The need to change or rearrange storage systems, whether it is the cabinet under the bathroom sink, or any other place in the home, it’s only a reminder that life is in constant change. Our needs change with every season of life, and so does the need for more (or less) storage.

It’s no surprise that as a woman, I tend to accumulate many beauty products. I neglected the cabinet under the sink in my master bathroom, and it was in total disarray. So, I did what I love to do and had a short -but very productive- decluttering session.

under the sink bathroom storage

Bathroom Cabinet Storage Before

In 2016, I organized this cabinet, and it went from dreadful to functional. But, as I said, storage needs to change with time, so I had to revisit this cabinet under the sink.

Below is what the cabinet looked like last week. In desperate need to corral all the bottles, I resorted to a plastic locker bin and a caddy.

under the sink bathroom cabinet

Don’t get me wrong, bins, caddies, and baskets are always useful in any organization project. However, the bathroom cabinet needs better storage than that. All those beauty products fell in the ‘pit of despair ‘ inside the locker bin and the caddy.

I couldn’t see what I had or what I needed to buy. When the pandemic hit, I purchased rubbing alcohol whenever it was available. Yesterday, I noticed that both brand new bottles are open. No big deal, but it shows how scattered-brain I have been for not keeping a better storage system under the sink.

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New Storage System for Under the Sink

Last spring, I updated the organization of our cabinet under the kitchen sink. I had this idea to store all the bottles using tiered cabinet shelves, and it’s been a good system. For now. That organization went viral on Pinterest!

But for the cabinet under my bathroom sink, I wanted a simple storage system. These two-tier storage drawers caught my eye on Instagram, and they are fantastic!

under the sink organizer

These storage drawers are stackable, but most cabinets under the bathroom sink will only fit one set (without stacking). I placed the drawers on the left and right of the cabinet, and the Sterilite 3-drawer organizer fits perfectly under the sink’s pipe.

under sink bathroom storage

What a big difference this new organization system makes! The more I live, the more I know. The more I organize, the more I learn. The key to an aesthetically pleasing space is to use storage pieces in the same color. You can see how the use of white storage containers in this bathroom cabinet makes everything seamless; even the sink’s pipe blends in.

bathroom under sink storage

How I Organized Each Drawer

In this bathroom, we have a small free-standing cabinet near the toilet and shower. In there, we store toilet paper, feminine products, and bar soap.

There’s also a small linen closet (which needs major organization) where we store towels and other essentials. Inside that closet, I stored backstock makeup inside makeup bags, inside a basket. So, I relocated all those goodies to this cabinet under the sink.

Two-tier Storage Drawer on the Left

You know the saying, ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ I had totally forgotten all the makeup and beauty products I had saved in those little bags. Now my backstock makeup is all beautifully arranged under the bathroom sink, and I don’t think there’s better storage than this.

under the sink cabinet storage
Backstock makeup storage

I placed cotton balls, makeup remover pads, cotton swabs, and dental flossers in the top drawer. These are items that I am constantly reaching for to replenish the storage canisters I keep on the bathroom counter.

under sink bathroom storage cabinet

Sterilite 3-Drawer Storage Container

In the middle of the bathroom cabinet, I placed the Sterilite 3-drawer container. In this container, I keep:

  • First drawer: beauty samples (free gifts) that I accumulate from purchases at Ulta. These are perfect for travel! And I have to say, I have discovered amazing products using samples. I also love these Aveeno Repairing Cica Hand Mask, so I stock two sets at a time.
bathroom cabinet storage
  • Second drawer: cotton overstock, manicure & pedicure supplies. Very limited because I really do not do my own manicure.
  • Third drawer: miscellaneous items such as hair ties, band-aids, a thermometer, travel toothbrush holders, travel-size toothpaste, etc.
bathroom under sink storage

Two-tier Storage Drawer on the Right

On the right of the cabinet, a second 2-tier drawer unit holds all kinds of bottles. There’s really no system on how I organized these products. Basically, the taller bottles need to go in the top drawer.

bathroom under sink storage

These are shampoo and conditioner, body lotions, homemade air freshener spray, rubbing alcohol, aloe vera, witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

under the sink bathroom storage

In the bottom drawer, face wash, smaller items (mostly travel-size bottles with beauty products), deodorant, and other essentials, like this homemade sunburn relief gel.

Storage Resources for Cabinet Under the Bathroom Sink

For your convenience, here’s a lookbook with storage solutions for under the bathroom sink. Click on any image to shop.

under bathroom sink storage

happy organizing, Flavia