How to Organize Near the Kitchen Sink

I have had this post planned in my head for a while. After all, I spend a fair amount of time in front of the kitchen sink. Who doesn’t? So, I want to share with you some kitchen sink counter organization products and ideas. These ideas will help you keep your sink area decluttered and always clean. It all starts with dish soap and a sponge organizer.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. The last time I shared the organization of this little corner of my kitchen sink counter was when I posted my dollar store under the kitchen sink organization. Our sink is almost flushed to the counter, with little to almost no room for a kitchen sink organizer. So I always opted for a small vanity tray that held the dish soap, hand soap, and the sponge.

kitchen sink counter
Dish soap organization – 2016 to 2021

As you can see, it wasn’t the most functional way to organize my kitchen sink essentials (dish soap, hand soap, and sponge). But as long as I had a tray that could contain the water, and soap drips, I was happy.

Everything else, I keep under the kitchen sink (including those three bottles you see on the counter), which I keep inside an over the cabinet door basket. The most functional organization item I have ever purchased!

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Kitchen Sink Counter Organization

Today, my kitchen sink counter is a lot more organized. All because I found a bigger organizer tray that holds more products. We also updated our sink to this Ruvati Overmount single bowl, which gives me a little bit (just a tad!) more room for my sink essentials.

The organization of this kitchen sink counter is no rocket science. But, I will show you the products that I am currently using to organize my kitchen sink and why I love them.

Many years ago, I had a sponge holder. One of those that stick to the sink with a suction cup. And while it served its purpose of holding the sponge, I personally didn’t love it. The holder kept sliding down, and it didn’t allow the sponge to air dry. That was as far as I went to have a kitchen sink organizer. That, and my drip -vanity- tray.

But, one morning, strolling through TJ Maxx, I stumbled upon a much different type of sponge holder. You will see what I am talking about!

So, here is the list of the products:

Silicone Drip Tray Sink Organizer

I found this silicone kitchen sink organizer tray as a ‘suggested product’ one time (almost a year ago!) while I was checking out on Amazon. Amazon ‘really’ knows the way to my heart.

kitchen sink counter organization

This silicone tray comes in so many colors, too! But of course, I am super traditional and I chose white. It also comes in two sizes, this one is 12″x4″.

Foaming Dish Soap Pump

Every time I organize a space, if I can’t reduce the physical clutter, I at least try to remove the visual clutter. Removing labels, and/or updating to clear containers has a big impact on any organization project, including your kitchen sink counter!

In an effort to make things look aesthetically pleasing, while still keeping function, I opted to upgrade my dish soap container. Every few months, I would purchase a new small pump of Dawn Platinum Foam, and I refill it when needed.

kitchen sink counter organization

I purchased this foaming soap pump dispenser. It’s sturdy and compact (3x3x7.5 inches) fitting perfectly over the silicone organizer tray that sits on the narrow strip of sink I have.

Bubble Up Set

I’ve had my Bubble Up Set from Grove, for years! I love that is practical, pretty, and best of all, compact. You can get one here, use my link for a FREE gift!).

There are many other dish scrubber options out there. But I personally chose to stick to the Bubble Up scrubber set because it’s small. The ceramic dish is easy to clean, and all I have to do is purchase a new brush every few months.

kitchen sink organizer

I prefer it over the ones with a refillable handle, like this one for example. Although they’re practical, they’re bulky and add more clutter to the sink.

Sling Kitchen Sink Accessory

This little sling was the actual inspiration to share with you my tiny but mighty kitchen sink counter organization. The caddie forms to your sink. You can bend it, and loop it through your sink’s faucet or hang it over the dividing wall of a double-sink.

I chose to loop it over the Bubble Up scrubber set, and the ceramic dish keeps the sling from sliding.

kitchen sink organizer

I get giddy when I find products that are functional, and fit my space and needs perfectly. Seriously, I can not tell you how happy this sling sink organizer makes me! The sponge stays in place and it air dries quickly. All the water drips back to the sink. Perfection.

Hand Soap Dispenser With Silicone Sleeve

Lastly, I always keep hand soap over my kitchen sink. And, just as I did with the dish soap, I transferred it to a hand soap dispenser. I found this at my local Target’s Bullseye Playground, but they’re available everywhere really, also at grove.co.

kitchen sink organizer

The silicone sleeve protects the glass from breaking or chipping the kitchen sink counter. More and more I see these clear bottles with pretty labels (or decals) and silicone sleeves. They add the perfect final touch to any kitchen sink counter organization.

I might label mine one of these days!

Tips for Organizing Your Sink Area

One short scroll through Instagram and you will probably find hundreds of kitchens with snow-white counters, farmhouse sinks, and unparalleled organization. And although I tried to replicate beautiful, and I mean jaw-dropping kitchen sink areas like Jenn’s, at Clean & Scentsible, I failed miserably. I just don’t have the space.

kitchen sink counter organization

So here are a few of my personal tips:

  • Cake pedestals, or wood risers make great organizers for the area by the kitchen sink. And although they look beautiful in pictures (I tried that once), in all honesty, I find that trays -wether ceramic or silicone- do a much better job catching all the water.
  • Whenever possible decant products for a more uniform and cohesive look.
  • Look for rust-free materials, especially at the base.
  • Less is more. To keep your kitchen sink counter area tidy and organized, keep the bare minimun and opt for storing everything else.

For more kitchen sink essentials organization, check out my recent organization under the sink.

Shop Kitchen Sink Counter Organization Essentials

For your convenience, here’s a lookbook with some kitchen sink organization solutions. Click on any image to shop.

kitchen sink organizer
kitchen sink counter organization

happy organizing, Flavia

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