Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

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This organization under the kitchen sink was quick and easy, and cheap. I put off this project for far too long. Eight years to be exact. I thought that my cabinet under the kitchen sink was semi-organized. I had a basket containing my cleaning products, and that was it for that cabinet.

What to Store Under the Kitchen Sink

For most homemakers, the cabinet under the kitchen sink holds cleaning products. When I started organizing, I found three glass cleaner bottles -all half full- and three stovetop cleaner bottles.

Week 6: Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

I think this cabinet is the right place to store cleaning supplies. Awkward pipes are blocking, and the garbage disposal takes up a lot of room, so it sounds logical to store products that don’t take up too much space or need special care. Also, this cabinet is perfect for storing cleaning supplies because of the ease of access to the water supply.

This is what I keep under the kitchen sink:

  • glass cleaner
  • multi-surface cleaners
  • grout cleaner/drain cleaners /stovetop cleaners
  • dishwasher liquid
  • dish soap/kitchen hand soap
  • sponges / brillo / pots and pans brush
  • disinfecting wipes
  • furniture polish/silver polish
  • fruit and vegetable cleaner

Things I Do Not Keep Under the Kitchen Sink

There are various reasons why I do not keep my entire arrangement of cleaning supplies in this cabinet. Here is a list of items I do not keep under the kitchen sink.

  • bathroom cleaners,
  • bathroom brushes
  • floor cleaners
  • extra cleaning cloths
  • air deodorizer
  • laundry care products

I store these products in separate cabinets in the laundry room. I do not want sponges or brushes used in the kitchen, used in the bathroom, or vice versa. My worst nightmare is using a bathroom cloth or sponge in the kitchen. So, my quirkiness makes sense, right? But this basket says everything but quirky. It was time to organize under the kitchen sink.

Week 6: Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

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Dollar Store Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

Here are the details of how I organized the chaos under the kitchen sink in a couple of hours, including a trip to my nearest Dollar Tree. Yes, dollar store under the sink organization. You can thank me later!

Week 6: Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

It only cost me $8 to organize this cabinet. Here is the breakdown of my $8 spent in organizing baskets and little stacking shelves.

Stack and Nest Bins

At $1 each, I spent $3.00 on these stack and nest bins. Three bins reached the perfect height before hitting the garbage disposal.

Week 6: Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

The space between them is not high by any means, but it is high enough to keep loose items such as sponges and small cleaning products like silver polish and garbage disposal tabs.

Small Containers with Handles

Whenever I can throw boxes away, I do. So I tossed the Brillo pads box and transferred them to a little blue container with handles. These cost $1.00 for a set of 3.


I used another one to hold the drain stoppers. Another case of small loose parts that need containment. I had a small steel caddy (pictured below), and I didn’t want to toss it. So I put it to good use holding a bottle of Old English oil and Cutting Board Mineral oil.


Locker Bins

Behind the stacking bins, I placed a locker bin basket. I purchased several of those but used only three for this project. One of the baskets contains cleaners I do not use daily and want to keep concealed and not easy to reach.


Although our son is old enough now and has never opened this cabinet (we had a lock on it until a couple of months ago), I am still very aware of safety at home. I slid (and hid) the empty bin right under the pipe (see the pipe inside the bin) and then filled it with the cleaners.


On the right is another locker bin where I placed surface cleaners and oven cleaners. These bins are quite roomy. I fit 8 containers inside the one below.

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This under the kitchen sink organization was quick and inexpensive. I don't know what took me so long. Check out my dollar store finds!

I placed the third and last locker bin on the right side of the cabinet in the back. Here, I brought it forward for picture purposes. This bin holds dishwashing cleaners and hand soap. I like having antibacterial and odor-neutralizing hand soap by the kitchen sink. After trying many, this one is my favorite. I purchase refills, and they last me quite some time.

Week 6: Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

Plastic Shower Caddy

In front of this bin, I placed a plastic shower caddy (also $1.00) that I fell in love with because it’s small and it’s in my favorite color.

Week 6: Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

Finishing Touches

I added two finishing touches to this under the kitchen sink organization. A simple Command Hook inside the cabinet to hang my gloves. I can’t believe it took me this long to do something so easy and practical.

Week 6: Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

Last week’s kitchen counter decluttering led me to this week’s under-the-sink organization. Because I was tired of seeing these three products (glass cleaner, fruits & veggies cleaner, and disinfecting wipes) next to my sink, I decided to relocate them.

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Week 6: Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

So, I purchased this handy over-the-door basket organizer, which helped me wrap things up in the cabinet. And my kitchen counters are clutter-free! It’s a lot more practical and neat to open the cabinet door and have these cleaners at the ready.

Week 6: Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

Side Note: This basket is not included in the $8.00 I spent in dollar store finds. This basket alone cost me $9.99. Find it on Amazon.

Amazon Finds to Organize Under The Kitchen Sink

Portable Shower Caddy Basket
Plastic Storage Bins, Large – 2 Pack
Plastic Stackable Storage Bins
Over the Cabinet Wire Storage Basket 
All-Purpose Bins
Waterblock Premium Gloves 

Before and After Pictures of Under The Kitchen Sink

Let’s take one last look at my before and after pictures! The sink pipes and the garbage disposal are still an eyesore, but this organization was definitely worth the $18 ($8 if you want to skip the over-the-door basket).

This under the kitchen sink organization was quick and inexpensive. I don't know what took me so long. Check out my dollar store finds!This under the kitchen sink organization was quick and inexpensive. I don't know what took me so long. Check out my dollar store finds!

This is definitely an organization project that you can mirror in your cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Updated: Under The Kitchen Sink Storage 2021

Dollar Tree Finds

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Week 6: Under the Kitchen Sink Organization


  1. I agree that the closet under the sink is really convenient for keeping the cleaning products and supplies. I also use it for this purpose but the problem is that I rarely clean or organize this closet and right now it is a mess there. I also have three the same products that are half empty. I really like your ideas. having this closet organized will be really nice and it will definitely influence my cleaning habits, too! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Off to Dollar Tree tomorrow! Hubby had to replace kitchen faucet this weekend and I had him take eeverything out of the cabinet. I also had a white basket in there with a lot of gross stuff! Tossed a bunch of stuff we didn’t use.

    1. So my timing was perfect, Nancy. Right? 🙂 isn’t that amazing how that cabinet is easily forgotten ? I like the idea of small baskets better than one big one where everything gets lost. Glad this makeover inspired you! Thanks for stopping by!

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