Laundry Room Organization

If you have been here lately, you may have noticed that I am smitten with our updated laundry room. With that makeover came all these new organizing ideas for my small laundry room, and today I want to share them with you! I’ll give you a tour and show you how I organized the cabinets and why you may need a floating shelf and a hanging rod for the laundry room.

My love for bins, baskets, and boxes (alliteration, not on purpose!) goes back to my childhood. I love containing stuff to make it aesthetically pleasing and practical, easy to access and reach.

Looking back at my laundry organizing ideas, especially my dollar store laundry room organization in 2016, I can see how having an organized laundry room has always been a priority. From boxes wrapped in scrapbook paper to dollar store bins to clear acrylic bins, I have always looked for ways to keep the laundry room neat and tidy.

Laundry Room Organizing Ideas

Four key components in our laundry room make it beautiful and very functional. Since our laundry room is very small, I had to think long and hard about organizing it without sacrificing style and storage.

Hundreds of organizing ideas for the laundry room will pop up on Pinterest. But each space, each household, each lifestyle is different. So, I took them all into account, but adapted them to our tiny space, my lifestyle, and our needs.

Here are what we went for, how we organized each little nook in the laundry room, and why.

  1. Laundry Room Cabinets
  2. Floating Shelf and Hanging Rod
  3. Wall Hooks
  4. A shelf above the counter

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Cabinets Organization

Our laundry room originally had four cabinets installed on the wall above the washer and dryer. The original cabinets were 16 years old, so you can say that they had seen better days.

Because we needed to raise them to the ceiling during our laundry room makeover, we decided it was best to purchase new ones.

We sacrificed one cabinet to make room for a floating shelf and a hanging rod for the laundry room. These were two features and organizing ideas that I wanted to have in our newly remodeled laundry room. This is how I organized the laundry room cabinets and the containers I used for each category.

Double Cabinet

The double cabinet in our laundry room serves as our utility storage. Here we keep everything that we do not necessarily need daily but makes sense -for us- to store in this room.

organizing small laundry room
laundry room organizing
small laundry room organization

Single Cabinet (Above the Sink)

The single cabinet to the right of the double cabinet, holds laundry detergent, bleach, laundry sanitizer, and fabric softener.

small laundry organizing ideas

The top shelf holds items we use the least.

I keep a 9″ Inch Folding Step Stool in between the washer and the cabinet under the sink to reach the upper cabinets easier.

9″ Inch Folding Step Stool

Cabinet Under the Sink

I keep a caddie under the sink to store extra cleaning products. As I did under the kitchen sink, I added a small Command® hook to store gloves and a scrubby brush.

small laundry room organization

I use it for soaking clothes or to hand wash delicates.

small laundry organizing

Floating Shelf & Hanging Rod in The Laundry Room

Adding a floating shelf and a hanging rod to our laundry room was a must-have feature for me. Honestly, more for looks than for purpose, but it turned out to be a great upgrade.

Right now, I do not need to clutter the shelf with anything but decor. The cute ‘Change is a Good Thing’ tin box I customized with my Cricut Joy. It holds loose change. It’s our piggy bank!

floating shelf and hanging rod for laundry room

I use the hanging rod just to hold empty clothes hangers, so I have them at hand when I need them.

Wall Mounted Coat Hooks

The wall-mounted coat hooks we installed on the opposite wall are perfect for me to hang clothes immediately after removing them from the dryer.

They are also perfect for our son to hang his baseball caps, sunglasses, etc. I also customized a cotton canvas zipper pouch to hold dirty face masks until we are ready to throw a load of laundry.

Shelf Above the Counter

Over the shelf above the counter, I keep three galvanized tubs to hold dryer balls, extra dryer sheets for easier reach, white flour sack towels, and a stain-fighting station.

I hope you enjoyed my small laundry room tour and you found ideas to organize yours and make it a functional and beautiful place!