Dollar Store Laundry Room Organization

If you are looking to organize your laundry room without spending a lot of money, my dollar store laundry room organization is a must-see! A trip to the Dollar Tree turned my laundry room from meh to wow!

A laundry room could be a full-blown room with lots of space where laundry and other tasks could be performed. Or it could only be a laundry closet with just space for the machines and a few shelves for storage. My laundry room is more like a passageway between the garage and the family room, with a washer and a dryer side to side,  a small sink, and two cabinets.

Determine Your Laundry Room Essentials

The cabinets in your laundry room- or the shelves in your laundry closet- might seem like the perfect hideaway for underused or totally unused things. Don’t let that thought turn your laundry room area into a cluttered room that makes you want to run away. Instead, transform it into a neat and functional utility room that can actually help you keep the rest of your home in order as well.

Inexpensive organization for your laundry room shelves.
Left Cabinet, before

A couple of years ago, I wrapped a few cardboard boxes in scrapbook paper and created a semi-organized system inside one of the cabinets. But -like everything else- it gets cluttered and disorganized with time. Even though I had a few defined zones and limits, I broke my rules and started accumulating too much junk.

Inexpensive organization for your laundry room shelves.
Left cabinet, after

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What to Keep Inside The Laundry Room Cabinets

I basically kept the same categories in place but reduced the amount of clutter after a good purge. These are some of the things I keep in my laundry room cabinets. 

Inexpensive organization for your laundry room shelves.
  • Deodorizer plug-ins, refills, wax melts, essential oils, room fresheners.
  • Candles jars, and oil warmers
  • Batteries – These battery organizers are perfect for keeping them neat and tidy and for keeping track of our inventory. The baby wipes case sits on top of the battery cases and holds used batteries to be recycled later.
  • Lost & Found – I find this to be such a functional basket. If we find something that does not have a place -or an owner- we toss it here. And if we are looking for something and can’t remember where we put it, we look in this basket.
  • Lightbulbs – all types and sizes.
  • Outdoors / Protection – sunblock and bug repellent.
Inexpensive organization for your laundry room shelves.
  • Above the dryer: Dryer sheets, at-home dry cleaning kit, and mesh bags for delicates.
  • Change cup: my husband empties his pockets here every night, and I empty my wallet after a few weeks. After a year and a half, we saved an average of $300 in loose change!
Inexpensive organization for your laundry room shelves.
‘Our two cents’ is a cup with loose change.

Storage Ideas for Laundry Room

The right cabinet is located right above the washer. It was in even worse shape. A shoebox containing a countertop steamer that I have never used and never will, a complete set of hardware for curtains (in the cardboard boxes), towels and cloths in complete disarray, and a collection of gadgets that make the shelves look cluttered and dirty.

dollar store organizationdollar store laundry room organization

I keep my collection of cleaners and gadgets confined to a couple of baskets (bottom right); two small baskets hold cleaning cloths and random things.

Inexpensive organization for your laundry room shelves.

I don’t have a green thumb, but I do have a set of garden shears to snip fresh flowers every now and then, so I designated a small basket for them and some flower food packets.

Inexpensive organization for your laundry room shelves.

I also keep inside this cabinet all the manuals of all the major appliances, such as a washer, dryer, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. I have always had them stored in a clear zippered bedding pouch, but for a more clean look, I tucked them inside an inexpensive magazine folder. 

I am still working on transforming the laundry room. It needs a fresh coat of paint and I have been drooling over several others I have pinned on my Laundry Room Pinterest board.

Hoping to have inspired you to go clean and declutter another room in your home!

happy organizing, Flavia