The Best Plastic Baskets for Storage

Every year, with the arrival of Fall, I reassess my seasonal decor organization. So, a couple of weeks ago, I emptied out my home decor closet and I did an extensive purge. The decluttering and re-arrangement process called for a better layout, and I found the perfect decorative, plastic storage baskets for the shelves.

In my years of experience organizing homes, I firmly believe that baskets are the number one way to keep things organized without spending a fortune. So, here’s a close look at my seasonal decor organization using these fantastic, extra-large plastic storage baskets on the shelves.

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Reasons to Choose Plastic Storage Baskets for Shelves

When choosing storage baskets for home organization, one size does not fit all. There are so many options out there (at so many different price points), but the ones I used for this closet are my favorite to date!

seasonal decor organization

In my experience, plastic storage baskets that fit snug, neat, and tidy on shelves are my all-time favorite. Here are a few reasons why I prefer to use plastic baskets:

  • Price. Plastic baskets are usually inexpensive (or very cheap if you snatch some of the bigger ones at the dollar store), as opposed to weaved wicker baskets that are artisanal (handmade) which cost more money.
  • Hygienic. Plastic baskets are easily cleaned with wipes or even washed under running water. Wicker baskets get dusty and musty and aren’t easy to clean.
  • Durable. When stored properly and handled with care, plastic baskets withstand the test of time.
  • Shape. Regardless of size, plastic baskets tend to keep their shape when stored on shelves, closets, or drawers.

Where to Find Decorative Storage Baskets for your Shelves and Closets

As I mentioned before, one size basket does not fit all. Literally and figuratively! But we can all agree that we always want the best bang for our buck.


In my endless search and years of experience, I came to love these weaved plastic decorative baskets from Target. The ones you see below are extra-large, and they have a curved top edge.

The same design is also available in a smaller size, called the Y-Weave 13″ Cube Decorative Storage Basket.

Other options at Target:

Dollar Tree

In the past, I have also used these plastic baskets from Dollar Tree, which are good, sturdy, and a great deal. They are much smaller -for a dollar- but they serve me well in small projects!

cheap storage baskets

These plastic baskets are perfect for cabinet shelves and small items storage. You can see them in action in this Dollar Store Laundry Organization.

Other options at Dollar Tree:


Amazon is always a great place to find bins and baskets for storage. Even though I would not consider these baskets, I need to mention them because they serve their storage purpose very well.

Our laundry room cabinet shelves are all neatly organized with clear plastic bins.

Click here for a complete list of all the clear plastic storage bins and baskets I used in my laundry room organization.

Seasonal Decor Organization in Plastic Baskets

We recently updated the powder room. Inside this bathroom, there is a big and convenient closet where I keep most of our seasonal decor. This closet has made its rounds on Pinterest since I covered the wire shelves with custom-made wood sleeves. You can read that tutorial here.

While the shelves are super practical and sturdy, baskets for storage are still necessary to corral everything. I had a mix of fabric, jute, and wicker baskets, and they served their purpose for a few years.

decorative storage baskets for shelves
Seasonal Decor Closet 2016

However, with time, things got a little out of control. I accumulated more seasonal decor, the fabric baskets lost their shape (mostly from me stuffing things), and the wicker baskets accumulated dust in all the crevices. Take a look at it in 2021.

seasonal decor organization
Fall of 2021 – Not so pretty!

This time around, I decided to get these plastic storage baskets and line them up on the closet shelves for a more cohesive look. I also wanted to clear a shelf or two to make room to store and display my Rae Dunn pieces.

seasonal decor organization
Fall of 2021 – After, using plastic storage baskets.

Some items either didn’t fit inside the baskets (wreaths, wall art), or others I like to have in plain sight because I use them more often.

seasonal decor organization

Sorting Seasonal Decor

I wish I had a step-by-step process to show you how to organize seasonal decor. Honestly, I did not sweat it. I didn’t want to label the baskets because they all contain miscellaneous and I am constantly moving things around.

I know that two baskets contain Spring and Easter decor only. However, the rest is a mix and match of all things: candles, candleholders, floral, knick-knacks, glass vases, and my collection of Oui Yogurt jars which takes up almost a whole basket!

seasonal decor organization

All the Oui yogurt jars are at the bottom of this basket. I just finished putting my summer decor away, and the faux lemons fit snug right over them in the same basket.

decorative storage baskets for shelves

All you need to know is that your shelves will look very organized as long as you corral and sort your items – seasonal decor or not- in pretty decorative storage baskets. Not to mention you will have peace of mind knowing that your most loved and appreciated pieces are protected.

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happy organizing, Flavia