5 Ways to Repurpose Oui Yogurt Jars in the Bathroom

When it comes to organizing any space, the first thing that comes to my mind is repurposing things I already own. That’s why I have been saving these little glass jars for a while now. Today, I want to show you again, how to repurpose Oui yogurt jars but this time in the bathroom.

Here is a list of other organization projects using Oui Yogurt jars:

Looking to repurpose Oui yogurt jars? Here are 5 simple ways to reuse those adorable glass containers in your bathroom, with style!

Way #1: Store Floss Picks

The first way I thought of repurposing one of these jars was storing floss picks. We kept these in a drawer in my son’s bathroom, but you know what they say: ‘out of sight, out of mind’. So, no much flossing was happening.

repurpose oui yogurt jars store floss picks

Storing these kids’ flossers inside a Oui yogurt jar, and displaying it on the bathroom counter adds a pop of color, and it is also a good reminder for my son to floss his teeth every night.

Way #2: Store Cotton rounds

I have been really good at keeping up with my daily facial cleaning routine. I believe that the key to it has been keeping all the supplies at hand. Every day, twice a day, I follow a strict routine which means I go through 4 to 6 cotton rounds per day.

repurpose oui yogurt jars store cotton rounds

To make access to the cotton rounds easier, I reused yet another Oui yogurt jar! I can’t tell you how good they fit inside the jar. The cotton rounds stack easily and reaching for them is even easier. Another cute addition to the bathroom counter (or medicine cabinet).

Way #3: Store Makeup Brushes

I LOVE how adorable my makeup brushes look inside this jar, displayed on my bathroom’s counter. I used to keep them inside my makeup bag, but each morning I would go on a scavenger hunt trying to find the right brush. Not anymore.

repurpose oui yogurt jars store makeup brush

Now I keep one set inside my makeup bag and this set inside the Oui jar. The yogurt jar also comes in handy when it’s time to clean the makeup brushes.

Way #4: Store Cotton Swabs

This was actually one of the first ideas I had to repurpose Oui yogurt jars.

I usually buy a pack of 500 cotton swabs at a time. It may sound like a lot, but they’re very versatile, so I not only use them for personal hygiene.

repurpose oui yogurt jars store cotton swabs

I keep a bunch in my office (for my chalkboard lettering projects), another bunch in the garage for my DIY projects, and another bunch in my cleaning rolling cart.

Way #5: Store Odds and Ends

Finally, I took another Oui jar and repurposed it as an ‘odds and ends catcher’ in my bathroom. Yes, we all have little things lying around our bathroom counters, and these jars do the trick helping you keep clutter under control.

repurpose oui yogurt jars store odds and ends

I use them to drop bobby pins, and hair ties, small nail files, and those little fragrance samples that we don’t really use but we seem to keep because… they’re so cute. Right?

The sky is the limit! Anything that needs to be contained, can be dropped inside one of these jars, and you will keep clutter away.

Do you repurpose Oui Yogurt jars at home?

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