How To Organize Your Desk With Oui Jars

Last week I shared 5 ways you can repurpose Oui yogurt glass jars in the kitchen. And because I have over 20 of them at home, and the collection keeps growing weekly, today I want to show you some desk organization ideas using these cute little glass jars.

In very rare cases you will find my office desk clear of clutter, something I am a little embarrassed to admit for obvious reasons. But the reality is, the paperwork never ends in this house, and I am constantly shuffling things around to make room for my projects.

Check out this list of very useful desk organization ideas using recycled Oui™ yogurt jars. #deskorganization #ouiyogurtjars #officeorganization #neathousesweethome

Because of these reasons, I am always on the hunt for anything that can keep my office mess ‘contained’. It’s the littlest things that really make areas look cluttered. So the more I can contain things in jars and baskets, the better.

How To Use Oui Jars to Organize Your Office

Nothing like a good old glass container to toss in little odds and ends, to help you keep your desk organized. These little glass jars are so cute and small that you can either keep them out in the open or put them inside a drawer. Whatever works for you, here are 6 ways I decided to use Oui yogurt jars to organize my desk.

#1: Business Card Holder

Last summer, I ordered 600 business cards. Yes, I got a little carried away, but I got a great deal 🙂 – I keep them all in their original boxes inside a drawer, but I find myself constantly reaching out for extras to refill my wallet, and to add them to packages when I ship Etsy orders.

oui yogurt jars recycle

I decided to pull a few out and put them inside a Oui jar. They fit perfect, they look cute, and I am able to reach them in a cinch when I need them.

#2: Paper Clips – #3: Binder Clips – #4: Pushpins

I print and file a fair amount of paperwork daily. Where do those paper and binder clips go? With so many projects in the making, my pile of paper is ever-growing. To find what I need quickly and still keep my desk organized, I like to separate paper clips from binder clips, and pushpins from each other.

desk organization clips binders pushpins

One of my desk organization pet peeves is to find all of these three items mixed in the same container. Ugh, it drives me crazy. And I am guilty of mixing them every now and then when I clean up in a rush.

The jars fit perfectly inside my desk’s drawer. But if for any reason they’re left out, they look like decor instead of clutter. A couple of years ago, I shared another way to recycle containers to make your own paper clips holder.

#5: Staples & #6: Washi Tape

My collection of washi tape is, for lack of a better word, ridiculous. If you know what I mean. While I have them all neatly stored inside my craft stack washi tape organizer, you will always find a roll or two lying around my desk.

washi tape storage staples desk organization

Again, a little Oui yogurt jar, helps me keep them from rolling. I also like to keep -rather broken- staple bars inside one of these jars, inside my desk’s drawer.

10 more Little Items You Can Store inside Oui Jars

These are only six ways to use glass jars to organize your desk. The sky is the limit! Here are other 10 things I thought you could store in them:

  1. Erasers, and eraser caps.
  2. Stickers and labels
  3. Earbuds
  4. Cables
  5. Pencils
  6. Mechanical pencil leads
  7. Correction fluid
  8. Post office stamps
  9. Crayons – I suggest crayons because they are short, but pencils, pens, and markers will work too.
  10. Rubber bands
Check out this list of very useful desk organization ideas using recycled Oui™ yogurt jars. #deskorganization #ouiyogurtjars #officeorganization #neathousesweethome

What other desk organization ideas do you have using these containers?