5 Ways to Use Oui Yogurt Jars in the Kitchen

I was going to publish 25 ways to repurpose these little Oui yogurt glass jars in your home, all at once. But, to make it short and sweet I decided to split the post into 5 categories, each one with 5 ways to use the yogurt jars.

Today we will start with 5 ways to repurpose the jars in the kitchen.

Here are just 5 ways to repurpose those cute little french yogurt jars at home! #kitchenstorage #organization #neathousesweethome

The best part is, you don’t have to do anything more than wash the jar, peel the sticker and clean the goo off. You can opt for keeping the jars open, or you can purchase tight-fitting lids if you prefer to cover their contents.

So here are 5 ways you can repurpose those cute oui yogurt jars in the kitchen.

1. Open Container for Salt & Pepper

The first idea that came to my mind to repurpose these jars in the kitchen, was to store salt and pepper. I like cooking, so having open containers for salt and pepper to season my food in a cinch is a must.

how to repurpose oui yogurt jars

These little yogurt jars made the cut. They are small but hold a ton. When I am done, I put them away inside the cabinet.

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2. Store sweetener Packets

Just like storing salt and pepper in the yogurt jars, storing sugar or sweeteners is a good way to repurpose the jars too. However, it is better to store sugar in packets, or any other sweetener, to keep sugar ants or other critters away.

how to repurpose oui yogurt jars

I counted and the jar can hold up to 25 packets, which is a fair number. Also, the height of the jar is perfect to fit inside a standard size kitchen drawer. Win!

3. Store Bouillon Cubes

Well, this girl needs some bouillon cubes in her life. They make my latin dishes so tasty!

how to repurpose oui yogurt jars

Store the cubes in one of these little jars, so you can grab them easily while cooking. I would even toss them unwrapped, they are just compacted salt and seasonings, so no chance they will spoil.

4. Store Toothpicks

One of the many things I like about these little yogurt jars is their clean look. They are great for storage, and for display.

how to repurpose oui yogurt jars

You can store toothpicks and keep them inside a cabinet or drawer, and you can pull them out and display them at a dinner party in the same container.

5. Store Leftover Candy

No matter how hard we try to kick the sweets to the curb, they always find a way in our house. Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Halloween, you name it, we always seem to have chocolates and candy lying around.

how to repurpose oui yogurt jars

After the candy bags and boxes have been opened, and there are only a few pieces left, I like to toss the boxes and reduce the bulk. I found the yogurt jars to be very useful to store those little random pieces. You can fit the jars in a corner of a cabinet, or inside a drawer.

So there you have it. 5 easy ways to give your used yogurt jars a new purpose. The possibilities are endless! Next stop: the home office!

Do you reuse and repurpose items around your home?

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