Cleaning Rolling Cart Organization

In my attempt to make the chore of cleaning our house a bit easier and have the cleaning products organized, I started using my Ikea Raskog as my cleaning rolling cart. As expected, the cart got a little neglected with time, and -the irony- the cleaning cart became dirty and cluttered.

Another valid reason why I decided to organize my cleaning kit was that I have been trying to transition to natural cleaning products. With that comes the purchase of several ingredients to make my homemade cleaners. So, this cleaning rolling cart now stores a cleaning kit with all-natural ingredients!

The Ikea Raskog works perfectly as a cleaning rolling cart. I filled mine with all natural ingredients and made an organized cleaning kit.

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Cleaning Products Organization with the Ikea Raskog

If you are wondering what the Ikea Raskog cart is and how does it look like, you probably have seen it many times before on Pinterest, used in many ways, but don’t recognize it by name.

ikea raskog for cleaning kit

So, here you have it. It was just ok by my standards. I like to organize things by category, size, or use. And this was a little bit of a mess. I also wanted to separate the chemical cleaning products from mild, natural, and homemade cleaning products.


Not to mention, I had too many of them still in their original boxes and packaging. This adds not only physical clutter but also visual clutter. And I think I have more of a hard time dealing with the visual part.

I also moved all chemical products to a separate caddy under the laundry room sink cabinet.

How to Build Your Own Natural Cleaning Kit

I have been stocking up on natural ingredients to make my own cleaners. A couple of months ago, I shared a resourceful list of 10 must-have ingredients for homemade cleaners. So, make sure to check that out if you, too, would like to create a cleaning rolling cart like this one and fill it up with all-natural cleaning ingredients and products!

Here is a list of things to do to start building your own cleaning kit.

  1. Gather the ingredients. Some of them you might already have at home. Here is a shopping list I put together for your convenience.
  2. Look for containers. I am a huge fan of recycling glass jars. But I also buy any mason jar that crosses my path 🙂 – Within my favorite jars to save are the Bonne Maman Preserves jars and the Yoplait Oui Yogurt jars.
  3. Get an extra set of measuring cups and spoons. This is the one I use and will be keeping in my cleaning cart.
  4. Stock up on spray bottles. Many people like glass bottles. I personally prefer plastic to avoid accidents. These are my favorite.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Your cleaning products organization doesn’t have to be an expensive project. Try to reduce, reuse and recycle by shopping around your home for storage containers, and recycling all the boxes and packaging of the cleaning products

The Yoplait Oui yogurt jars, for example, are the cutest little thing to store all kinds of random and small things. I have found many uses for them, and the yogurt is delicious too. Win-win!

After gathering all the ingredients for my natural cleaning rolling cart and kit, I started decanting many of them. I do this for two reasons: one, I like to reduce the bulk of bags and boxes, and two, it makes it all aesthetically pleasing.

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Pro Tip: If you are unsure of how to store or use any of the products, keep all the warning labels and directions handy. I like cutting them up and storing them in a clear Ziploc bag. Put the Ziploc bag in the rolling cleaning cart for easy access.

epsom salt for cleaning kit
I used a jumbo size 64 oz mason jar to store an entire 4 lbs. bag of Epsom Salt.

A preserves jar works perfectly to store borax. I kept this box because there are fabulous tips and instructions for use in the back! You can read how I use borax in the laundry room and learn a bit about my laundry routine too.

borax natural cleaning kit

On one of my trips to TJ Maxx, I found a glass container on the clearance shelf. The lid was missing, but I knew I would find a way to use it. I couldn’t pass on the beautiful aqua color.

cleaning ikea cart organization

Turns out it is perfect for storing my Swiffer duster refills. The yogurt jar holds cotton swabs. These are surprisingly useful when cleaning keypads and remote controls because you can clean between the crannies. I also discarded the bulky boxes of the Swiffer sweeper refills and Magic Erasers and stored them directly in the rolling cart.

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Natural Cleaning Products Organization

Some products you can keep in their original bottle, for obvious reasons. There’s really no need to transfer them into other bottles or containers.

castile soap - natural cleaning products organization

Products like castile soap, witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol are better off kept in their original containers.

cleaning products organization

Finally, here is the freshly organized cleaning rolling cart.

raskog cleaning rolling cart - products organization

I keep a cleaning caddy on the top level. Since we live in a two-story home, and I obviously can’t roll the cart up the stairs, I just quickly grab what I need at the moment, put it inside the caddy, and bring it upstairs.

ikea raskog for cleaning products organization

Here is a closer look at the other two shelves.

ikea raskog as cleaning cart
ikea raskog - rolling cleaning cart

Hope this cleaning rolling cart organization with natural ingredients inspires you to create an organized cleaning kit at home.

happy organizing, Flavia


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