A Safer and Smarter Home With Onelink By First Alert

Thank you Onelink by First Alert for sponsoring this post. A smart home should start with smart protection and Onelink by First Alert welcomes you to a smarter, safer home. In this post: how to install Onelink Safe and Sound alarm, and how to set it up!

Summer seems to be the time of the year when we get around to tackle long overdue home projects. Two weeks ago we stripped down our master bedroom from everything but the dresser and nightstands.

We finally changed the color of the walls, purchased a new bed, and soon we will be installing plantation shutters. Slowly but surely, our master bedroom retreat is taking shape, and now is my new favorite room in the house. Just a few more touches and it will be a dream!

onelink smart smoke detectors

One of the new changes that make me so excited about hanging out in my master bedroom, has been the addition of new smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Say what? Yes, our new Onelink by First Alert alarms make my heart sing! Figuratively and literally.

safe and sound onelink by first alert

A Smart Home Should start with protection

It is no secret that I love smart devices. Not only they make the daily grind easier but they also make it fun. As much as I love carrying a daily planner under my arm wherever I go, I also love the convenience of a smart assistant.

onelink smart smoke detectors flavia andrews

But what if, a smart assistant could also help you keep your home safe?

We ditched our old smoke detectors in our master bedroom and installed two new ones from Onelink by First Alert. These are two amazing smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that conveniently add smart features to our home.

These intelligent smoke & carbon monoxide alarms send push notifications. If there is an emergency, whether home or away, we will receive an alert on our phones. Better yet, the alarms will announce with voice alert, the type and location of the danger.

onelink by first alert smoke alarms

Watch the video below for a quick rundown on what these SMART SMOKE DETECTORS CAN DO FOR YOU!

When I opened the kit, I had no doubt that I wanted to install the Onelink Safe & Sound in my master bedroom.

safe and sound onelink by first alert

Onelink Safe & Sound is a 3-in-1 product that everyone should have installed in their homes. These are the features:

  1. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm
  2. Premium home speaker
  3. Alexa-enabled
safe and sound onelink by first alert flavia
Can’t contain my excitement holding Onelink Safe & Sound

Not a day goes by without me listening to radio shows, music, or white noise sounds. Whether I am working on a project (like an entire week painting the walls of this room!), writing, meditating, or simply doing house chores, I enjoy ‘the company’ of my favorite songs and sounds.

Onelink Safe & Sound makes my life easier and more enjoyable. And I can not tell you the amazing sound experience! This is definitely the best addition to our master retreat.

The Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm is also a smart smoke detector, just not a speaker, nor Alexa-enabled. But it still offers 2-in-1 protection against smoke and carbon monoxide.

onelink by first alert smart smoke detector

Once installed and connected to the app, it will notify you (through a push notification to your phone) if there is a smoke or carbon monoxide emergency in your home whether you are home or away. And, just like Onelink Safe & Sound, it also announces the type and location of danger with voice alert.

The Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm comes in two presentations: hardwired and battery-powered.

The Onelink Safe & Sound comes hardwired only. For your reference, both of the smoke detectors I installed are hardwired.

You Should Know

  • For the battery-powered version, if installed on the wall, it should be no further than 12 inches from the ceiling.
  • The Onelink Safe & Sound (shown below) should be installed on the ceiling only.
onelink safe and sound with alexa
Onelink Safe & Sound must be installed on the ceiling!
onelink first alert smart smoke detector

Each box comes with:

  • Alarm
  • Mounting bracket
  • Two screws
  • 3 cable connections (you will only use one, depending on the type of your connection)
  • Operation manual and instructions

Time needed: 1 hour


    Remove the old smoke detector by rotating it counterclockwise, and unplug the wires. Most mounting brackets are attached with two screws. With a screw gun or a manual screwdriver, remove the old bracket.removal of old smoke detector


    There are 8 mounting holes (4 on each side of the bracket) choose the ones that better fit the location of the screws you just removed.safe and sound installation


    Choose the connection cable that fits your current smoke detector’s connection and plug it in.onelink smart smoke detector installation hardwired


    Connect the extension cable connector to the alarm.safe and sound installation 2


    Attach the alarm to the mounting bracket using the marks on the bracket as guide.safe and sound onelink installation


    Attach, twist clockwise to lock in place, and you are done!safe-and-sound-smart-smoke-detector

Here’s a full view of both alarms installed in our master bedroom.

  • The Onelink Smoke & CO Alarm is installed in the ‘foyer’ of our bedroom. This small area leads to the master bathroom and walk-in closets.
  • The Onelink Safe & Sound (Alexa-enabled and speaker) is installed in the main room, near the highest point of the ceiling.
smart smoke detectors master bedroom

From the comfort of my bed, through the Onelink Home app, I can control the built-in nightlight. You can set the nightlight to any color of the spectrum.

safe and sound smart smoke detector nightlight

So, next up: Download the Onelink Home app

On your smartphone, look up the Onelink Home app on the app store. Install the app, and create an account. Once your account is confirmed, you can add the installed devices to your list of devices on the app.

onelink home app add devices

Onelink Safe & Sound will prompt you to connect to your Amazon account in order to connect with Alexa services.

onelink home app

But, even if you do not have an Amazon account, Onelink Safe & Sound is Bluetooth, so it can connect to your phone and you can still play your music!

Fire Safety Tips

Smart smoke detectors and alarms are only useful when they are installed and cared for properly. Please always follow the fire safety tips listed below.

  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on every level of your home, and in every bedroom.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms regularly. With Onelink alarms, you can easily test your alarm from your phone through the Onelink Home app.
  • Replace your alarms at least every ten years
  • Plan and practice an evacuation route or fire escape plan with your family.

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onelink smart smoke detectors kit
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