Free Printable Labels to Organize Your Bathroom

Download our free set of printable bathroom labels. These bathroom container labels are great for organizing towels, toiletries, first aid, and more!

In our master bathroom, there is a very small closet with bifold doors. For the longest time, I had it abandoned and cluttered. But I set myself a goal to get it organized, and in just under 45 minutes, it was done. It is not perfect, is not beautiful, but it’s functional. And thanks to the labels, I can find everything faster now.

printable bathroom labels

In all honesty, organizing this bathroom closet was so easy that I almost didn’t write this post. But before and after projects are exciting and inspiring,  and I wanted to create the free printable labels so you can organize your bathroom’s closet too!

Here are some tips and ideas on organizing a bathroom closet. And at the end of the post, you can sign up to download the free printable labels for your bathroom containers!

Our Bathroom Closet Before

I have neglected my bathroom closet for a long time. In my defense, I only open it twice or three times a week when I need to get -or put away- clean towels and when I need my hairdryer or flat iron.

quick easy bathroom closet organization

Yes, it was driving me nuts, but I always closed it really quickly and moved on to something else. But finally, I decluttered and cleaned the closet, corraled things in baskets, and labeled them. Now the bathroom closet is organized and functional.

My labels aren’t labels per se, but little chalkboard signs I found at the craft store. I recreated a free set of bathroom labels in printable form for you.

Looking at the before picture literally gives a different perspective. When you are standing in front of the closet, you don’t see the problem ‘as bad.’ But, when you see the ‘whole picture -no pun intended- you realize how the closet was really screaming for help.

Baskets I Use to Organize the Closet

Storage baskets are my all-time favorite items for organizing. I probably have more baskets at home than items to store in them. Baskets are functional; they corral things, especially keeping small items from tipping over and/or falling through the cracks if you have wire shelving, as I do.

By the way, if you hate wire shelving, I have a tutorial on how to cover those ugly wire shelves!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this picture of the glorious morning when I walked into Michaels and found all stock of baskets buy one, get one free.

printable bathroom labels

When buying baskets, consider the function you’re giving them, and always measure the space to ensure it’s a good fit. You probably won’t need to measure if you have a good idea of what you’re looking for and a good eye for dimensions. I knew I wanted deep baskets to fit as many towels as possible, but they also had to be narrow for them to fit in the tight closet space.

bathroom closet organization

The Decluttering Process

My rule number one for decluttering and organizing is to empty out the space and start with a clean slate. I definitely can not work around the mess. I am unsure if this is a pro or a con when I am organizing, only because I tend to leave things for ‘later’ because I rarely have 2 or 3 hours straight to spare, to empty out a space and start from zero. But this mini-makeover was so simple that I could tackle it all in less than an hour.

In other cases, I have opted to work in sections, allowing me 15 – 30 minutes of decluttering and organization.

UPDATE: you can see the updated organization of this bathroom closet HERE!

quick easy bathroom closet organization

I placed the entire closet’s junk content on top of a bed and sorted all items into four main groups:

  1. Keep
  2. Donate
  3. Toss
  4. Relocate

When organizing bigger spaces, or entire rooms, I recommend you start on paper first with this guide!

This is a very small closet, and it was an easy project to tackle, so I sorted all items in minutes. However, if you have a big closet (or room) to tackle, you may want to use my free printable home organization guide.

Organizing a Very Small Closet

I truly believe that the more space you have, the more stuff you accumulate. So, I stopped complaining about space and started decluttering more often.

This closet had way too many things I didn’t need and some other things that did not belong there.  Let me give you some examples of what I found; maybe one of them will ring a bell 🙂

  • Four bathrobes. Donated 3 and kept 1.
  • Three washcloths that have seen better days. Toss.
  • Five towels that we never used because, apparently, they shed after the first wash. Donate.
  • Three old makeup bags. Those seem to multiply. Toss, donate.
  • Decorative votives and candles. Relocate.
  • One beach towel. Relocate.
  • Makeup mirror with light. I never used it and never will. Donate.

Now, almost half of the closet contents are gone. I limited the closet to:

Towels (hand, bath, washcloths, guest towels)

quick easy bathroom closet organization

hair styling gear – in the STUFF basket 😉

quick easy bathroom closet organization

Mani-pedi tools stored in a Caboodles box I have had for 20 years! That is one item I can not part with (obviously). This thing traveled the world with me. From Colombia to the Philippines, Germany, The Netherlands, and back to Colombia. And now we both call the USA our home sweet home.

quick easy bathroom closet organization

My Caboodles On The Go is perfect for storing all of my mani-pedi tools and a rather big collection of nail polishes. I think I am just addicted to color because I rarely have my nails polished.

quick easy bathroom closet organization

I also store some cleaning products upstairs for quick cleanup. I keep disinfecting wipes, multi-surface cleaners, carpet cleaners, fabric deodorizers, and lint rollers on the top shelf of this closet.

printable bathroom labels

I store my toiletries in the cabinet under the sink.

Free Printable Bathroom Labels

I fell in love with these chalkboard clothespins from Michaels.

quick easy bathroom closet organization

So, labeling these baskets was a piece of cake. But, because I can not give each and every one of you a package of these, I figured I would make similar bathroom labels, a free printable for you to download.

Get access to this and our ever-growing library of printables. Sign up below!

After printing and cutting, punch a hole and hang them. You can also stick them to the baskets with double-sided tape or, if you’re feeling crafty, replicate the ones I used by gluing a small clothespin in the back.

printable bathroom labels

That was very easy. I hope you feel inspired to tackle a quick bathroom closet organization. Enjoy your printable bathroom labels!

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