7 Home Organization Projects That Are Guaranteed to Work

It’s been a while since I last shared some home organization projects. I thought it would be fun to share with you 7 DIY home organization systems that are guaranteed to work. These are all inexpensive- yet effective- home organization ideas that I have implemented in our home for the last five years.

As I look around my kitchen – where I spend most of my time! – I realized that thanks to my DIY organization projects, things run smoothly. Even on those days when I feel rushed or fatigued. The same goes for any area of my home, where I have implemented any organization hack.

My Favorite and Most Effective Home Organization Systems

As a homemaker, I am always on the lookout for systems that can help me in my daily routines. I believe that if it wasn’t for these organization systems, I would spend a lot of time wandering and scrambling to find the things I need.

Here’s a quick roundup of my favorite and most effective DIY home organization projects to date.

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1. Organized Utility Closet

In the summer of 2016, we made wood covers for the wire shelving in the bathroom closet. Although this is not a project for beginners, it is worth the time, effort, and low money investment. This is my favorite DIY project to date, and it still looks as good as the first day.

DIY Wood Covers for Wire Shelving

home organization projects

2. Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

With over 12K shares on Pinterest, this under the kitchen sink organization project is one of my favorites to date. And do you want to know why? Because it only cost me $8! See for yourself:

Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

inexpensive home organization

3. Pots and pans Organization System

I never thought I would love my organized pots and pans cabinet in the kitchen as much as I do. But once I came up with this system, I stopped rummaging the cupboard to find my cookware. Everything has a place, and everything stays put.

How to Keep Pots and Pans Organized

pots and pans organization

4. Custom Kitchen Drawer Organizer

When I couldn’t find a standard drawer organizer that could accommodate my jumbled mess of kitchen utensils, I made my own with this simple DIY home organization project.

DIY Drawer Dividers for Kitchen Utensils

DIY Drawer Organizer

Project 5: inexpensive laundry room organization

This is another effective organization project I did in my home that was quick, easy, and very inexpensive. I used an assortment of baskets from the Dollar Tree and labeled them. Almost four years later, this system still works for us. I do, however, have plans to update them soon.

Inexpensive Laundry Room Organization

inexpensive laundry room organization 
home organization project

6. Bathroom Cabinet Organization

When I look back at the pictures of my bathroom cabinet, I want to run and hide. It was that bad and embarrassing. The simple addition of a couple of 3-drawer plastic units, and a dollar store shelf, made all the difference. This is a must-see and very effective organization hack.

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

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7. Makeup Drawer Organization

My makeup drawer was a hot mess, and since the day I organized it (and tossed a lot of old makeup! I have been able to keep it organized and clean. At least for months at a time. And re-organizing is a cinch. All thanks to the DIY boxes I made to make drop zones.

Makeup Drawer Organization

Home Organization Does Not Have to Be Expensive

If you take a look at the majority of the organization projects I have done around our home, you will see a trend. I like fast and inexpensive organization systems. If you are crafty and resourceful, there are plenty of DIY projects you can do to organize your home, with very low investment.


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