Thankful, Grateful & Blessed Printable Wall Art – Life and Hurricane Irma

Happy Friday, and happy First Day of Fall, my friends! Last month I shared a ‘Hello, Fall!’ free printable with you, and I was pleased to see many downloads. I am glad you loved it! Today, I want to share my Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed printable wall art.

It’s hard to believe that two weeks ago, we were bracing for impact expecting hurricane Irma.

Amid all the confusion and madness, I reflected on how the worst situations bring out the best in each person. In our community, we worked together to ensure that all of our friends and neighbors had their shutters installed on time, at least a day before the strong winds started to knock on our doors, figuratively and literally.

Men and women alike picked up heavy (not to mention sometimes sizzling) razor-sharp metal panels and brought them up to cover windows 18 feet above the ground—nerve-racking.

Making room in your home for a ‘safe room’ in case of tornados was another scary thought. Going to the store and not finding water, bread, not even peanut butter! It was a rare sight for me.

Bread aisle, four days before hurricane Irma’s arrival to Florida.

And then, it HIT ME! Just like the hurricane did, it hit me.

We are so hung up on the little details that we miss the whole point about life and the things that matter.

Finding my favorite Zephyrhills Spring Water (because I am spoiled rotten and don’t drink ‘purified water’) wasn’t an issue. Just find me water, ANY water!

No JIF Naturals Peanut Butter? Ok, no problem, Honey Peanut Butterworks as well. No Sara Lee Artesano bread? OK, any bread, give me some bread to feed my family in case of a disaster.

Let me tell you, this was life-changing!

I sent my subscribers a newsletter letting them know about the situation I was facing, along with this quote:

The response was overwhelming! I touched so many lives with my small email and story about perspective! I am amazed by the love and email replies I received. From North Carolina to Greece and Belgium, I felt like the entire world was praying for my family and me. So, thank you!

We made it through the storm without significant damage to our home and community. Even our city suffered very little compared to what it could have been.

Trees uprooted everywhere!

The very next day after the storm, we were hard at work, taking all shutters down. Many neighbors chose to keep them up, and I don’t blame them; hurricane season is still full swing. But, by law, shutters should be down due to fire hazards. Firefighters and people should be able to go through a window in case of a fire.

Kids of all ages picked up leaves, tree branches, and debris off the streets, front and backyards.

All in all, I want to give a big thank you to my readers for your support and prayers. In no particular order, please pray and support for Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, St. Martin, Sint Maarteen, Turk and Caicos, Bahamas. The list goes on and on!

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed Fall Sign - Instant Download

If you’re sitting in the comfort of your home, reading this, and have power, running water, and food, then you should be thankful, grateful, and you’re blessed.

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