Printable Meal Planner: Simplify Your Life and Stay on Track

Do you feel tired of constantly trying to come up with dinner ideas every night? Are you finding yourself frequently ordering takeout because you lack a plan? If yes, then there’s good news for you! Our printable meal planner template is here to make meal planning a breeze. You can download our printable weekly meal planner with a shopping list PDF to help you organize your meals for the upcoming week. This planner will ensure you always have a plan and know exactly what ingredients to purchase.

I am a natural planner. Every night, I create my daily to-do list and make sure that all my tasks are set for the next day. Similarly, this weekly meal planner helps me plan out dinners for the week and allows me to quickly jot down a shopping list on the side.

The Importance of Meal Planning

Meal planning is not just a trendy concept; it is a powerful tool that can transform your relationship with food and make your life much easier. By taking the time to plan your meals in advance, you can:

1. Save time

With a meal plan in place, you won’t have to spend precious minutes every day wondering what to cook. Instead, you can focus on preparing delicious and nutritious meals without the stress. Weekly meal planning is as important as planning your day for a successful routine.

2. Save Money

You can make a shopping list based on your desired ingredients when you plan your meals. This means less food waste and fewer impulse buys at the grocery store.

3. Eat healthier

Meal planning allows you to be intentional about your food choices. You can ensure that your meals are balanced, include a variety of nutrients, and align with your dietary goals.

4. Reduce Stress

Knowing what you’ll eat in advance eliminates the decision fatigue that often comes with mealtime. You can relax and enjoy your meals without the added pressure.

Benefits of Using A Weekly Meal Planner

Using a weekly meal planner takes the benefits of meal planning to a whole new level. Here are some advantages of incorporating our printable into your meal-planning routine:

1. Structure and organization: Our weekly meal planner is a handy tool for planning your weekly meals. Using our printable planner, you can clearly structure and visualize your meals at a glance. This makes staying on track with your meal plan easier and ensures you have all the necessary ingredients.

2. Variety and creativity: A meal planner is a helpful tool to diversify your meals by easily mixing and matching different recipes. You can also add notes or ideas for new dishes you want to try. At the end of the week, you can save the meal planner page to repeat the same plan in the future.

3. Accountability and tracking: Planning your meals in advance and saving the templates you’ve used in the past is a great way to keep track of your meal rotation and ensure that you’re adding a healthy variety to your diet. Additionally, you might discover a recipe you didn’t enjoy, and you can make a note not to include it in your future meal plans. You can also record any changes or tweaks you’ve made to a recipe, making it easier to recreate it to your taste!

Tips for Effective Meal Planning

To get the most out of your printable meal planner, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Set aside dedicated time: Schedule a specific time each week or month to plan your meals. Treat it as a non-negotiable appointment with yourself. I like to do this on Sundays since I usually grocery shop on Monday mornings.

2. Start with the basics: Plan your main meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once you have those, you can add snacks and desserts if desired.

3. Consider your schedule: Consider any special events, appointments, or activities impacting your meals. Plan accordingly and make adjustments as needed.

4. Be realistic: Don’t overcommit or try to make complicated recipes every day. Choose meals that are realistic for your cooking skills and your available time.

5. Embrace leftovers and batch cooking: Make use of leftovers by planning for meals that can be repurposed or frozen for later. This can save you time and prevent food waste.

Meal planning is a game-changer for saving time, money, and stress in the kitchen. With our printable meal planner templates, you can take your meal planning skills to the next level and enjoy the benefits of a well-organized meal plan. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned meal planner, our templates will help you stay on track and master your meals like a pro.

Download Your Printable Meal Planner

So, why wait? Download our printable meal planner today and start taking control of your meal-planning journey. Say goodbye to mealtime chaos and hello to effortless, delicious meals that nourish your body and soul. Let our template be your guide to a more organized and enjoyable cooking experience.

Printable Meal Planner Sneak Peek

The design of this printable meal planner is very simple.

  • On the left are seven boxes, one for each day of the week. Each box has three lines, one for each meal.
  • On the right is a small box for the date and a large column for writing down a shopping list of ingredients you will require to prepare your meals.
Printable meal planner

Say goodbye to the stress of last-minute meal decisions and hello to effortless meal planning. Download our printable meal planner template today and master your meals like a pro.

I hope you enjoy this printable as much as I enjoyed designing it!

happy planning, Flavia


  1. I signed up and waited on it to come to my email with no success. I check the junk mail section and refreshed my pages. Any suggestions on how I can get the download?

  2. Thank you for the time and work you put into making this printable. I really like the layout.

  3. Hey Flavia!

    I absolutely adore this printable, and have used it more than once to help organize my meals for the week! Since I love it so much, I decided to feature this printable as one of my three favourite planners in my weekly blog post; this week is the second of two parts on effective meal planning. I would be so appreciative if you gave it a read!


    Thanks for sharing such an awesome planning tool!
    It’s All Good; Family Nutrition

  4. This is sooo pretty!!! I love all of your stuff, just stumbled upon your blog and so happy☺ would this print out fit into a mambi happy planner? I would love to use it

  5. I have just recently found your blog and I love it!! I’ve been using your weekly meal planner and just printed out my first to-do list to start using.

    I would really like to use your weekly meal planner and insert my babysitter information. I was wondering if you could change the headings or allow me to. I work one week a month and I don’t use the same babysitter everyday. This would make things much simpler for my husband to keep track of while I’m gone!

    THANKS for sharing your thoughts! I’m loving your blog.

  6. I love your creativity on your forms, especially both the “Weekly Meal Planner and “Setting Your Daily Goals”. Unfortunately, I have tried repeatedly to down load both forms but the “links” appear not be working. Would you be so kind to please email them to me. Thank you! Linda

      1. Hi Flavia, I wanted to let you know that I have finally down-loaded the requested forms and it appears your “links” are working just fine! I believe the problem to be my own computer. While it doesn’t happen often, my computer for some reason took close to 4 minutes to down-load the PDF’s. They are beautiful and I want to thank you for sharing them with me.

        1. Not a problem! I’m flattered that you waited ‘that long’ for a download! I usually just give up, LOL. Thank you for your kindness and patience 🙂 Enjoy!

          1. I’ve tried that as well as the link in your first reply to the original poster…

  7. Dear Flavia,

    This printable is just what I need ! I like to cook but to think what to cook everyday drive me crazy!,
    Now I can plan ahead with no stress plus the design is Beautifull
    Thank you, please keep inspiring us to have a Neat house and sweet home

    1. Yiya, I hear you! I love cooking too but if I don’t have a plan, I get frustrated and then I dread cooking. I think that once the meals are planned and the ingredients are in-hand, everything else is a breeze. I would say half of the work is done! Thanks for stopping by NHSH!

  8. Hi Flavia! I love this idea! I have been doing this for a long time and it really helps, especially with food shopping. I use a regular piece of paper but this printable is gorgeous and inspiring! Thank you for taking the time to make it!

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