Free Printable Monthly Habit Tracker

We have all heard at some point or another the phrase “Humans are creatures of habit.” I always knew that. At least, I thought I did. But it wasn’t until I read the book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg that I completely understood the concept of habits and routines.

After reading the book, I realized that habits fascinate me. I strive to create new habits, kick the bad ones, and stick to the good ones each day. When repeated for over 21 days, habits can stick. Our brains go on auto-pilot, and even the littlest changes in habits can greatly impact our lives.

I created a printable monthly habit tracker to keep tabs on what I do and how often I do them. Here is a full tutorial on using my free printable habits tracker. And if you are a lover of color, pens, and pretty paper, this post and experiment are for you!

How to Use a Habit Tracker

This habit tracker is a free printable download. You can find it in our library of printables, filed under the Homemaking & Organizing category. All you need is to download, print, and gather a set of colorful pens to categorize your habits on the tracking sheet.

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This printable has pre-set habits that most people, in general, would follow on a given day. It includes the following categories: homemaking, family, self-care, business, mindfulness, others.

NEW: an editable monthly habit tracker is also available here.

Pens To Use For Habit Tracking

For this project, I equipped myself with erasable FriXion pens. These gel pens write incredibly smooth and erase cleanly. I have been using FriXion pens for over a year. A perfectionist like me benefits from the fact that I can correct my lists, notes, and projects until they’re right.

frixion erasable pens

FriXion is the #1 Selling Erasable Pen Brand in America, and for a good reason! I keep adding more colors and styles to my collection every time I get a chance.

Taking advantage of the back-to-school frenzy, I headed to my local Michaels to purchase new pens by Pilot Pen. You can find Pilot Pen at Michaels in three different areas.

You will find them packaged at the endcap of the scrapbooking paper aisle. From there, I picked up a package of erasable FriXion Clicker.

Erasable FriXion Clicker Pilot Pen package of 7 found at Michaels.

You can also find the FriXion pens in the Drawing Supplies aisle and on the way out of the store near the registers. There, you can find a wide variety of colors sold separately.

Michaels is the ultimate writing destination. I love to go there to explore and try all the Pilot Pen brands and their beautiful colors. After all, who can resist this beautiful arrangement?

I found G2® Pens by Pilot Pen sold separately in amazing pastel colors inside this case. You bet I was head over heels when I saw this display! I purchased: metallic gold, metallic silver, white, teal, pastel yellow, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel lavender, and pastel green.

printable habit tracker free
G2 pens by Pilot Pen

G2 is the #1 Selling Gel Ink Brand in America (NPD, 2019) and the premium brand for overachievers like me! The smooth writing gel has been proven to last longer than competitive gel ink brands.

How To Use The Printable Habit Tracker

printable habit tracker
FriXion pens by Pilot Pen

To use this habit tracker, you need to choose 6 different colors in any Pilot Pen of your choice. I decided to try both FriXion and G2 for this tutorial.

pdf habit tracker
Habit tracking using FriXion pens by Pilot Pen

Once you have picked your favorite pens and colors, assign one color to each category as shown in the pictures (above using FriXion and below using G2).

G2 pilot pens pastels habit tracker

After assigning the colors, keep your habit tracker handy and your pens- and keep tabs on the habits by doodling a small dot inside the box.

I personally prefer to draw a small dot inside the box if the habit can be applied to more than one category.

free pdf printable habit tracker

For example, inside the August 1st box, I filled not 1 but 2 big things. One on self-care and the other on homemaking. If I could complete a 45-minute workout AND clean out my kitchen pantry on the same day, I log both in the same box using different colors.

clicker frixion pens habit tracker

I prefer using the FriXion pens for my habit tracker since I can easily erase mistakes. However, the colors of the G2 pens are more vivid and brighter.

Whatever your choice of pen is, this printable habit tracker will help you keep tabs on the things you do and how often you do them, and it will definitely hold you accountable!

This back-to-school season, head over to Michaels, treat yourself to some of these beautiful pens by Pilot Pen, and start tracking your habits.

Which Pilot pen are you most excited to try?