Ombre Blue Watercolor First Communion

January was a busy month behind the scenes of my Etsy shop, Posh Paper Parties. I spent a couple of weeks designing new invitations for First Communion. Last year around March, I hit record sales on First Communion invitations, for boys especially, along with other digital templates like cards, gift tags, and personalized remembrance cards.

That record set the bar high. I was shocked to see how many people loved this invitation in particular, which I designed for our boy’s First Communion in 2018. So this year, I committed myself to make more designs to reach even more customers.

first communion invitation for boy

Minimalist First Communion Invitation for Boys

I started with a minimalist First Communion invitation. This new Holy Communion invitation template is blank like most of my latest designs.

A blank template means that you can type your own text and adapt it to any other Christian celebration, if you will. The blue background, the gold cross, and the font type are the only things you can not change.

Try this free demo if you are curious to see how it works.

first communion invitation for boy
Elegant and Simple • Ombre Blue Watercolor and Gold Cross 

I used a subtle and elegant ombre blue watercolor background and adorned it with a gold Holy Cross.

The font combination in this First Communion card might be my favorite to date! Something about a simple serif font, accompanied by modern calligraphy, makes this First Communion announcement elegant and sophisticated.

Other First Holy Communion Templates

I never stop at designing just one thing. In my 11+ years of experience creating party invitations, I know that customers always want at least one more product in the same design. So, every time I design a new First Communion invitation, I create at least five more products that match the theme.

All these other templates are also blank. The customer can adjust the font size and type their own messages. Again, the only thing that is not editable is the graphics.

I created some other products to match this elegant First Holy Communion invitation for boys.

First Holy Communion Favor tags for Boys

For this First Communion theme for boys, I created three designs of favor tags.

  • Round favor tag in two sizes: 2 inches, and 1.5 inches. You can attach it to small cork jars like these.
first communion boy favor tag
Try the free demo of this favor tag here.
  • Basic polygon style, this favor tag is 2×3 inches. These tags lend themselves for boxed favors.
Try the free demo of this favor tag here.
  • Succulent/plant favor tags: these tags are all the rave right now. And they are one of the easiest to put together. Just attach a craft stick to the back of the card, and insert in a small succulent.

Faith plants the seed, love makes it grow.

first communion succulent tag
Try the free demo of this favor tag here.

First Holy Communion Welcome Sign Template

Welcome sign templates for First Holy Communion celebrations are items my customers requested the last year.

My designs are always size 8×10 to fit in an 11×14 matted frame. However, customers can request custom sizes.

first communion boy welcome sign
Try the free demo of this welcome sign here.

First Holy Communion Menu Card

A popular way to celebrate a First Holy Communion is with a private luncheon at a local restaurant. That’s what we did for our son’s First Communion celebration, which was intimate and absolutely beautiful!

From that point forward, I decided to sell blank menu cards for First Holy Communions in my Etsy store and design them on-demand, as I used to before.

Try the free demo of this Menu card for First Communion here.

Remembrance cards For First Communion

Lastly, I designed these remembrance cards -or bookmarks. They are also blank templates—however, the standard sample remembrance cards come pre-filled with the Guardian Angel Prayer.

Try the free demo of this remembrance card for First Communion here.

These bookmark templates come with two sample prayers.

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love
commits me here.
Ever this day
be at my side,
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.

I clasp my hands then kneel and pray
on this my First Communion
day. I ask you, Jesus, to watch me grow,
and teach me all that I need to know.
Protect me, daily, from all things bad,
and fill my heart with all things glad.
And if I ever lose my way,
please guide me back when I kneel
and pray.

If you want to take a look at the entire collection all in one place, visit my Etsy store here.