The Easy Way to Put a Duvet Cover On

Keeping up with the house is a big job; changing out a duvet cover is a big job in itself! Whenever the reminder to wash the duvet cover appeared on my calendar, I cringed. The dread wasn’t washing it; the struggle was putting the duvet cover back on without help. But, one lucky day, I watched a video tutorial on the so-called ‘burrito method.’ I was so excited to see the easy way this woman put the duvet cover back on that I had to try it for myself. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial -with pictures- to show you the easy way to put a duvet cover on, all by yourself.

How to Put a Duvet Cover On By Yourself

I didn’t think I would write a tutorial on how to put a duvet cover on. But if you haven’t seen this method – known as the ‘burrito method’ – I know you will love it. It is an easy way to make your bed fast while looking beautiful and well-presented.

A couple of weeks ago, I washed a new duvet cover I hadn’t used yet. While in the middle of putting the duvet cover on, I thought I would start over and take pictures to show you how easy it is to do it all by yourself. With that said, I took all the pictures with my phone because my DSRL camera had a dead battery. So, the pictures aren’t the best, but I did plenty of editing to help you understand the process.

You might have seen videos captioned something like the ‘burrito method’ to put the duvet cover on. Well, here it is, with many pictures explaining how to wrap and unwrap the ‘burrito.’

1. Lay the Duvet and Down Flat on a Bed

Start with a clean and cleared-out bed. Use the same bed where the duvet goes, as your working surface to start the burrito method. The top of the mattress should be as flat as possible, clear from any pillows and lumpy sheets.

  • Turn the clean duvet cover inside-out and lay it down on the mattress.
  • Place the down comforter on top of the (inside-out) duvet.
  • Align all the corners.
  • Once you have aligned all eight corners (the four duvet corners with the four down comforter corners), tie them all to the corner loops of the comforter with a double knot.
tie the duvet corners
  • Do NOT skip tying the corners. It might seem a negligible step, but this is what is going to stop the comforter from sliding around inside the duvet. And it will help you when rolling using the burrito method.

2. Roll the Duvet Like a Burrito

With the edges aligned, and the corners tied, start at the headboard, rolling both pieces of fabric together.

  • Because of the great width of the duvet, it will feel like you are folding (not rolling) a burrito, but keep going.
  • The important part is to keep it neatly rolled/folded in small sections at a time.
  • With the edges aligned, and the corners tied, start at the headboard, rolling both pieces of fabric together.

The ends of your ‘burrito’ should look something like the picture below. It looks more like a cinnamon roll to me, with a layer of dough (down comforter) and a layer of cinnamon sugar (gray duvet cover).

burrito method to easily put a duvet cover on by yourself

3. Pull Out the Down Comforter

Understanding the pictures starts getting a little tricky in this step. The arrows on the pictures should give you a good idea.

  • Put your hands through the opening to pull and turn the duvet cover right-side out.
  • Think of it as pulling a pillow out of a pillowcase.
  • Put your hand inside to locate the corner.
  • Pull out the corner and repeat on the opposite side.
burrito method
  • As you pull, you will start uncovering the down comforter.
  • With the opposite hand, start pulling the soft side of the duvet cover over the down comforter.

4. Turn the Duvet Cover Right-Side Out

  • Walk from one side of the bed to the other to (evenly) pull out the down comforter.
  • Basically, you’re turning the duvet cover right-side out as if it was a giant pillowcase.
  • When you reach the end, button-up the duvet cover and smooth out all wrinkles.
burrito method

5. Fluff and Smooth Out Wrinkles

Once you turn the duvet cover right-side out, it will look wrinkled and slightly disaligned. Grab the duvet by the side edges and shake it/fluff it. This is where tying the corners comes in handy, so the down comforter stays in place when you shake it.

how to put on a duvet cover by yourself

6. Style Your Bed

Now, for the final part: styling your bed. A bed well-made brings order to any room! If you are not part of the ‘bed makers’ team yet, I invite you to try it for a week. Making the bed every day is a small task that takes under 5 minutes, and makes a big impact. When you walk into a room with the bed made, you can sense orderliness. Even if there’s stuff still laying around. With a bed made, picking up the rest is easier and attainable.

To style my bed, I simply fold the duvet cover and sheets together, and tuck the edge (where the seams are) underneath the fold.

Then, I place the pillows on each side of the bed (laying flat) and lean over them the decorative pillows.


For your convenience, below is a list of resources.

happy organizing, Flavia


  1. I love this — I actively avoid duvets (only have bedspreads) because they’re such a pain and never stay in place. Would love to see a video.

    1. I actively change it every couple of months (no shame!) so I don’t have to go through it so often. In our defense, we do not use it as a blanket, just for show. It’s way too heavy for SoFL! Will do the video, I promise!

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