Affordable Fall Decorations and Ideas

Creating cohesive and beautiful decor (in any room and season) without breaking the bank requires balance. Affordable fall decorations abound, but sometimes, to make the inexpensive decor shine, you must pair it with other, more high-end pieces. When you find that balance, the best interior decorating ideas for fall or any other season happen.

fall interior decorating ideas

Here are some fall interior decorating ideas using affordable decorations you can find anywhere!

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Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas

On my way home from dropping off our son at school every morning, I must drive past Target. I don’t need to tell you how hard it is not to stop there for a ‘quick run.’ Between the beautiful fall decor and the PSLs at Starbucks (inside Target!) I had no choice but to make a few extra trips this season. This year, most of the fall decor in my living room is from Target. In the past couple of years, I have picked up several affordable fall decorations from Target’s Bullseye Playground. You will see how I used cheap -but cute- fall decor for interior decorating and other easy-to-replicate ideas to decorate your home for fall.

To find that balance I mentioned earlier, I paired the cheap pieces ($1, $3, and $5 Bullseye Playground) with other inexpensive Threshold pieces. I also ‘splurged’ a bit in the Hearth & Hand section. I intentionally quote the word ‘splurge’ because splurging is subjective. Every person’s budget is different. I like inexpensive and cheap fall decor because I like to change it every year. So, I do not invest a lot of money. However, I do not mind spending the extra dollars when I LOVE a high-quality piece.

Most of Target’s Bullseye Playground stuff is available in-store only, so keep an eye out now and every season for the stuff as soon as they put it out! You can purchase other items like Threshold and Hearth & Hand decor in-store and online. I am linking as many pieces as possible. In the pictures, you will also see other fall decor pieces from different seasons that I have accumulated through the years.

Interior Decorating Ideas for Fall

When you enter our home, you are greeted by a small entryway. Immediately to the left, a formal living room with tall nine-foot ceilings draws everyone’s attention. I adore all the natural light that comes in through the arched window. Because of its East exposure, Sunday mornings spent in this room reading magazines and sipping coffee are my favorite. I love coming up with interior decorating ideas for this living room every season, and I especially love decorating it for Fall. The grand white entertainment center is my favorite piece to decorate.

fall decor ideas living room

Bringing interior decorating ideas from magazines and Pinterest pins to life gives me joy, and this fall, I found easy ways to replicate those ideas with affordable decorations and a few tweaks. I actually must admit that it’s more than a few tweaks. The past couple of weeks, while photo-shooting the living room, I moved around the fall decor whenever I had a new idea.

FUN FACT: If you are detail-oriented like me, you will see how some pieces ‘moved’ to a different place in some pictures. #storyofmylife

Coffee Table Fall Decor

Because so much is happening in the bookcase, I opted for a simple vignette on the coffee table with affordable fall decorations. Before, I used to have up to three vignettes on it, but this picture made me realize that on this coffee table, less is more.

For coffee table decor, I placed fall stems in my trusty blue glass vase/jug, a candle, and a $3 ceramic pumpkin (no link available) from Target’s 2022 fall decor in the Bullseye Playground section. The farmhouse beads garland adds texture and fills the empty gaps.

Woven Hyacinth Tray | Blue Glass Jug Vase (similar) | Fall Stems (3) | Blue Fern Candle | Candle Plate | Pumpkin (similar) | Farmhouse Beads

Accent Table Fall Decor

I was particularly excited to come up with ideas to add some fall decor to the accent table in the living room. That is because it’s a recent purchase -we had no side table for years! – and this corner needed a place to set magazines and drinks! And yes, this is where I sit and sip my coffee whenever I get a chance. 🙂

fall interior decorating ideas

Accent Table | Vase | Brass Candle | Pumpkin (similar) | Blanket Ladder| Chunky Blanket |

The splurge was the two pieces from Hearth & Hand (candle and fall vase). Sometim,es it’s crazy to me to pay $20 for a decorative candle. But this candle is gorgeous, smells fantastic, and it’s high-end. It’s one of those pieces I do not mind investing the extra money on because I think it will look great in this living room year-round. The ceramic pumpkin was only $3 from the Bullseye’s Playground. There’s your balance.

Affordable Fall Decorations for Entertainment Center

I find it therapeutic to remove all objects from the shelves, clean them, and start over with every season change. Decorating this entertainment center is enjoyable, most likely because I love symmetry. I placed identical or similar pieces on each side to balance the wall unit and achieve cohesiveness. This is not a rule, but you can use it as a ‘cheat sheet’ to decorate shelves.

fall interior decorating ideas
Left side
fall interior decorating ideas
Right side
affordable fall decorations

The twelve-foot-long Aubrey Entertainment Center takes up the entire left wall of the living room, and it’s filled with affordable fall decor and collected items. This fall, I added lots of inexpensive fall decor from Target. Cheap fall decor is everywhere you look; check out these easy-to-replicate ideas.

NOTE: I wrote a detailed post about the process I follow to style this bookcase; check it out whenever possible.

The fall decor I found in the Bullseye Playground at Target (2022 fall collection) can’t be found online. So, I am linking to similar product ideas whenever I can’t find the exact product.


affordable fall decorations
affordable fall decorations

Gold Sculpture | Coral Bookends | Marble Cake Pedestal | Woven Pumpkin | Ceramic Pot | Similar Plant | Farmhouse Beads | Tabletop Clock | Black Candlesticks | Candle Snuffer

The black candlesticks and black candle snuffer were $3 each at Target. Do they look like cheap fall decor to you in this bookcase? No! Because they’re paired with other pieces that cost a bit more. Balance is key. The rustic window panes add texture and color to the stark white bookcase. I always try to keep warm wood tones that pop in this unit. So, not only during fall but year-round, these cheap window panes find their spot when I am decorating this bookcase.

affordable fall decorations

The tabletop clock and the woven medium pumpkin were other inexpensive finds from Target. When I am looking for affordable decor with a high-end look, I always go for Threshold items at Target.

affordable fall decorations

The marble and wood cake pedestal is a bit more of an investment; it is the ‘piece of resistance’ in this bookcase. It draws your eye to the (also cheap) faux potted plant that I put inside an inexpensive vase. I wrapped a short strand of farmhouse beads with tassels around the orange ceramic flower pot. This set of farmhouse beads is my favorite.

affordable fall decorations

Marble Cake Pedestal | Similar Ceramic Pot | Similar Faux Plant | Farmhouse Beads


Coral Bookends | Wood Pedestal Bowl | Dried Orbs | Rustic Window Pane | Brass Candlesticks | Ceramic Pumpkin

After decorating and photo-shooting, I realized I forgot to display my beloved plate with fall leaves that I painted in high school (you can see my espresso set in my coffee cabinet). So, if you are nit-picking the pictures, you will see I had an orange candle in its place before.

fall interior decorating ideas


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Other Interior DEcorating Ideas for Fall

Magazine Rack

I rescued this magazine rack from my neighbor’s garage. It was stained in high gloss cherry, and I wouldn’t say I liked it then. Now, I kind of regret sanding it off and distressing it. It sits on the floor next to the reclining chair.

fall interior decorating ideas

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season Sign

I found this sign at Michaels a couple of years ago. Each year, I place it in a different place. I like how it fills the small shelf above the TV. I added two ceramic pumpkins from the Bullseye’s Playground and this one from Threshold.

fall interior decorating ideas

The two black potpourri bowls on each side of the sign are also from Target. Only one thing, I purchased them 16 years ago!

fall interior decorating ideas

I hope you enjoyed this fall tour of my living room and my entertainment center and that you grabbed some affordable fall decorating ideas to make yours beautiful, too!

Happy Fall,


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