5 Stunning Bridal Shower Ideas for Summer

Wedding season peaks during May, June, July, August, and September, so the search for summer bridal shower themes is in high demand around this time of the year. If you want a unique theme for your—or your friend’s—bridal shower celebration, I have you covered! Below are five bridal shower themes and decor ideas for summer!

I love summer, event planning, and celebrations, so I wanted to create a round-up of summer bridal shower themes inspired by all the beautiful products I see trending on Etsy and Pinterest.

Sometimes, inspiration hides in the smallest details, such as cookies, macarons, a gorgeous vintage teapot, or cowgirl boots. Just look at these stunning bridal shower ideas I collected from the web. But don’t be fooled; I also drew inspiration from baby showers (my specialty!).

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1. Pink and Gold Bridal Shower

Pink is always a good choice for feminine celebrations when used in subtle and delicate hues and good proportions. Pair it with gold, and you can add glam to your outdoor party or intimate soiree. Be mindful of the shade of pink you choose and the amount you use, as you would not like your bridal shower to scream ‘Princess First Birthday.

2. Rustic, Country-Western Bridal Shower

I love all things rustic and western! Gather with your friends in a farmhouse setting perfect for this theme, and have a relaxed bridal shower celebration this summer. Wildflowers, cowgirl boots, and a romantic country music playlist will set the mood.

Sunflowers resemble sunny days, so they are a great choice for a rustic summer bridal shower celebration. Start with this simple and minimalist sunflower-themed bridal shower invitation.

3. Beach Themed Bridal Shower

The muted hues of seafoam green, light blue, and white are the perfect starting point. A beach-themed bridal shower should be relaxing and laid back.

summer bridal shower ideas
Photo Credit: Make Me Cake

Some things you can do to make your guests comfortable:

4. Garden Tea Party Bridal Shower

This is probably my favorite summer theme for a bridal shower. Host a summer afternoon high tea bridal shower party! Serve light snacks, tarts, scones, and hot tea. Create romantic and beautiful place settings with mismatched vintage china and upcycled teapots.

PRO TIP: Check out this article on women’s tea party ideas, written by yours truly when I was a contributor for e-how.

Photo Credit: Monde e Maison

5. Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

Ever since I designed our son’s nautical nursery, I have been in LOVE with anything nautical.

The timeless combination of navy and white will give your bridal shower celebration a preppy look without too much effort. Concentrate on three key elements to achieve the nautical feel: anchors, stripes, and ropes/knots. Avoid light blues and sea foam/mint green elements since these hues are more beachy (see idea #3) than nautical.

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Which one of these summer bridal shower themes is your favorite?