Small Linen Closet Organization Ideas

Space, space, space. It seems like I am always running out of space. But, am I really?

While browsing Pinterest for ideas on how to organize a very small linen closet ( I actually have two, but more on that later) I realized that the size of my closets is average. I just have way too much stuff.

We’ve been to the west coast, twice, for a weekend getaway, and I have forgotten to bring beach towels. You guessed it, I have plenty of beach towels, 4 of them read ‘Naples’ in big letters.

Linen closet inspiration

Anyway, before I jump into the purging and decluttering step, without a plan, I thought I would collect a few small linen closet organization ideas.

I refined my search and I will tell you the reasons why these bloggers linen closets made it to my top 4. Make sure to check them out!


1. Smart Use of Clear Plastic Drawers

Christine, from First Home Love Life wrote a very thorough post on how she organized her master bathroom linen closet. I pinned this closet makeover almost 2 years ago. I know! Don’t ask.

What I love about it: the smart use she gave to clear plastic drawer storage bins as ‘pharmacy closet’. She labeled each drawer for cold/pain and allergy medicines, pet care, sun care, first aid, etc. I still don’t know if I will be giving them the same purpose, but I am definitely using them. Small drawers organizers are great to sort and separate all kind of little items, and they fit perfect in the small closet shelves.

linen closet by first home love life


2. DIY Closet Dividers

Tara from Suburble had me at: ‘My life is embarrassing: The Linen Closet’.

My linen closets look pretty much like hers did before her beautiful makeover. And the funny thing is, I have been in this house, without touching the linen closets for seven years too. So…maybe 7 years is like the turning point?

What I love about it: The genius way she used leftover wire shelving and zip ties, and those aqua baskets that made my heart skip a beat. Simple, yet beautiful.

Linen Closet Organization Inspiration

3. Low to Zero Budget Organization

Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage updated her linen closet using all things she had handy like baskets, shelf liners and even leftover ribbon from her wedding day! Just plain awesome. She says, and I quote: ‘sometimes being a little hoarder comes in handy’. I agree, Shannon! You are my kind of gal.

What I love about it: that she did not spend any money, obviously!. She used her craftiness and created a beautiful linen closet with zero dollars. She even made her own tags with burlap and paint. Love them!

Linen Closet Organization Ideas


4. Reuse and Recycle

Leslie at Goodbye House! Hello Home! refreshed her linen closet just by adding baskets and reusing zippered bags. She prefers white linens, and I see her point. They’re bleachable and easy to upkeep. And they make the closet look like a hotel room! 🙂 Maybe, I will make the move to white linens too.

What I love about it:  she reused zippered bags from linens and slipped labels inside. Genius. I hoard these bags. I always thought I could give them a good use ‘ one day’ and… Thank You, Leslie!. I also love the glass jar where she stores travel size items. I hoard those too… Ok, this is embarrassing, but I am starting to think that I hoard too much.

Linen Closet Organization Ideas

And that my friends, is my top 4 small linen closet organization ideas. I vow to stick to them, because if I keep looking and pinning, I will never get this done. Hope I get back to you soon with my bathroom closet makeover.

Do you struggle with linen closet organization?