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Reindeer Food Recipe and Free Printable Poem

This Christmas, feed Santa’s reindeer with this magical reindeer food. Here’s my take on the recipe for reindeer food and the free printable poem tag you can attach to it. This magical reindeer food makes great little gifts to welcome the holiday season!

You can adjust the ingredients in this magical reindeer food recipe and make it as festive, glittery, or eco-friendly as you wish! At the end of the reindeer food recipe, there is a form where you can sign up to receive your free printable tag with a cute reindeer food poem.

reindeer food poem

The Ideal Reindeer Food Recipe for Preschoolers

When our son was in his first year of preschool, he came home with a snack-size Ziploc bag containing a mix of oatmeal and glitter. A tag titled ‘Magical Reindeer Food’ with a cute short poem was stapled on the outside. I was in my 30s when I learned about this magical reindeer food recipe!

At that moment, I felt there wasn’t anything sweeter than this for a preschooler to get into the Christmas spirit! What a beautiful tradition we were starting! The magical reindeer food poem tag inside the bag read like this:

‘Sprinkle on the lawn at night; the moon will make it sparkle bright! As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home.’

As a Catholic family, we are bringing up our son in our faith and educating him about the genuine significance of Christmas, which is the commemoration of the birth of Jesus. Nevertheless, we love imagining Santa Claus riding his sleigh with reindeer soaring high in the sky and the magical reindeer food sprinkled on our lawn on Christmas Eve.

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Reindeer Food Recipe

This weekend, I hosted a small kids’ Christmas party and made magic reindeer food favors for them to take home. They turned out beautiful! So, here is how to make reindeer food with this magical recipe, a cute way to present it, and the beautiful printable tag with the reindeer food poem.

reindeer food recipe ingredients

Ingredients for Magic Reindeer Food

Yields: 20 favors of approximately 1 oz each.

To make the magical reindeer food, you will need:

How to Make Magic Reindeer Food

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Adjust glitter and confetti until the mixture looks festive. You can scoop mixed ingredients into small resealable bags and slip the reindeer food poem tag inside.

Free Printable Tag for Reindeer Food

tag for reindeer food

Magical Reindeer Food Christmas Craft

Make this magic reindeer food craft with your children if you feel crafty. To assemble the magical reindeer food favors, you will need the following:

reindeer food recipe

How to Assemble Reindeer Food Craft

Fill the mini containers with the reindeer food approximately halfway up, and cover by pressing the lid firmly. These containers are tiny.

reindeer food craft

The pictures can be deceiving, so I placed one on top of a yellow sticky note and held it in my hands to give you a rough idea of the size.

How to Add the Tag Over the Reindeer Food Container

The tag measures 5 inches x 1.75 inches and is designed to fit snugly over the lid of the reindeer food containers. But you can also insert it inside a snack-size Ziploc with the food.

tag for reindeer food

Once you print the sheet, cut each card and stick it to the top of the lid using the glue lines.

Stick the right edge of the reindeer food tag over the glue lines, leaving the left edge (Rudolph) loose.

Fold in three, leaving the baby Rudolph image facing up, as shown in the picture below.

With your index finger, make a small loop on each end of a pipe cleaner. Place the container centered over the pipe cleaner and twist the pipe cleaner to tie. The loops give the little box the look of a miniature present.

Video: How to Add Tag and Bow to the Reindeer Food

Aren’t they the cutest?

Fun to make and fun to give! This magic reindeer food will bring out lots of smiles.

 If you loved this Christmas reindeer food recipe and craft, pin it now and save it for later!

reindeer food recipe

Merry Christmas and happy crafting!