How to Make Blessing Bags for the Homeless

The best way to be thankful for what we have is to give to those who have little or nothing. This Holiday season, make a blessing bag for homeless people. Keep a few in your car, hand them out when necessary, and watch them smile!

Last week, I was sitting at a red light, and to my left, staring at me was a tall man holding a sign that read ‘hungry and homeless’… and my heart sank. There I was, annoyed by the traffic and daydreaming about what I would make for dinner that night, while this poor man sat in the heat, most likely with an empty stomach.

Perspective. Sometimes, we need to see things from a different perspective.

I wish I could’ve handed him a couple of dollars, but I rarely carry cash, in all honesty. I didn’t try to reach for my purse to hand him some loose change. Feeling guilty and embarrassed, I looked away. The traffic light changed quickly, and I resumed driving.

For the next 5 minutes, I could not stop thinking about this homeless person and how I – and probably every other person – drove away without giving him a dime. I came home, and life went back to normal. My mind goes into homework, laundry, and dinner mode, and I forget about the world and how many people live in pain.

Giving.  The true meaning of the Holiday season. We give to our family and friends, and we should also give to people in need. My husband and I support a few non-profit organizations throughout the year, and I am constantly donating clothing and goods to my local Goodwill Center.

After hosting an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for 13 people this past Thursday, I again acknowledged how fortunate we are. Having a home, preparing and eating such a feast with our family, all at a beautiful table, is a blessing!

I committed to creating these blessing bags this holiday season and handing them out to homeless people and anyone else in need.

What Are Blessing Bags?

If you have never heard of a blessing bag, I am excited to share this idea with you today. These are bags packed with necessities that will make anyone in need smile. I also created a free printable card to include in the bag with a beautiful Scripture passage to lift their spirits.

For these care packages, I purchased travel-sized toiletries and non-perishable food. The choices in non-perishables are endless. Some people also like to pack clothing such as hats, socks, and gloves. This is a simple example of what you can pack in a blessing bag. The final contents are up to you.

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Supplies to Pack a Blessing Bag

So, here is what I packed in each gallon-size Ziploc to make these blessing bags.

contents for blessing bags for homeless

Food & Beverage

All the food in the blessing bag is non-perishable and easy to open and eat!


All toiletries in the blessing bag are travel-size.

First Aid

Blessing Bag Note

I also inserted a note inside the blessing bag. The note reads:

Here is a blessing bag to carry you through the day. Please know that I am praying for you right now. Know that nothing is impossible if you keep your faith and trust God. Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

blessing bags notes

You can download these printable Blessing Bag cards for free using the form below. As always, please abide by my Terms of Use.

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Shop Supplies to Make Blessing Bags

I grew up in South America, where poor and homeless people are often seen, especially in the metro areas. Unfortunately, we become thick-skinned and see it as the norm. Here in the United States is a different story. I live in a small town, and homeless people are scarce, so it’s hard to miss someone standing in the median holding a ‘homeless and hungry’ sign.

blessing bags

This holiday season, I hope you find time to prepare a few blessing bags for homeless people in your area and those less fortunate. Make these care packages in your own way, and add more items if necessary.

Freely You Receive. Freely You Shall Give.