Makeup Drawer Organization

Can you believe January is coming to its end? The assignment is the makeup drawer organization. If you are not a makeup person, you can use this week to catch up on toy organization or, tackle any other drawer in the house.

Do you feel like looking at my makeup drawer before? and by before I mean: this morning? Be my guest.

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

No shame! What can I say? Sometimes, I have better things to do. I know who will be proud of me: my sister. Every time she comes to visit, she sneaks into my bathroom to put on makeup, just to find that hot mess. She kept saying I needed an intervention. She was right.

So, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of makeup drawer organization. I am also including a handy infographic about what makeup’s shelf life. So you will know what makeup to toss and what you can keep. Here we go.

1. Empty Out, Declutter and Clean

Sometimes, you have to make a bigger mess to get rid of the mess. So, take everything out, everything! Don’t try to sort things out while they’re still inside the drawer. You will never be done.

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

The first thing you have to do is toss all makeup that is old. In my case: 80% went to the trash. Sad, but true. But I feel 20 lbs. lighter! I did my research and found this handy guide from

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization


After you have tossed all of your old makeup -and other random junk, like 10,000 bobby pins and 25 hair ties-, set aside all the things you want to keep and sort them into groups. These items I am listing were scattered inside the drawer. It looked like there wasn’t enough room but it was mainly expired makeup and useless things. I also relocated a couple of things in this closet.

  • Eyeshadows and blush
  • Foundations and compact powder
  • Brushes and other tools
  • Eyeliners, concealers, and mascara
  • Lip gloss and lipstick
  • Hairbrushes and accessories
  • Glasses
  • Makeup remover
  • Random jewelry

Remember when we did toy organization last week and I mentioned defining zones and setting limits? Well, I definitely needed to set my limits with makeup brushes. Really, how many makeup brushes do I need? Just look at this, and there were three more in my purse!

How to Clean Makeup Brushes with Baby Shampoo

I did not want to put my brushes back in the drawer without washing them. My first instinct was to soak them in the sink. Immediately, all the powder and blush residue loosened up. These are the type of things I forget to clean.

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

After that quick rinse, I did my research and found out that, the best cleaner to use on makeup brushes is baby shampoo, because it’s gentle (on the bristles and on your skin). So, I placed the ones I decided to keep inside a cup with lukewarm water and a few drops of baby shampoo.

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Soak the makeup brushes for 5 minutes in lukewarm water with baby shampoo.
  2. Pull them out and lather them with more baby shampoo in the palm of your hand.
  3. Rinse again and again until the water runs clear.
  4. Squeeze and reshape the bristles of each brush.
  5. Lay the brushes flat on a towel to dry.
Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

UPDATE: here’s another way to clean your makeup brushes naturally.

Clean Your Makeup Drawer and Drawer Organizer

Another thing that needed deep cleaning was my drawer organizer. I adore my drawer organizer, I can’t believe I neglected it for so long. My bronzer broke, and either I am cheap or lazy, but I never threw it out, and it kept coming off on the tray. It wasn’t too easy to get it off.

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

With decluttering done, a clean tray, and a clean drawer, it’s time to put everything back inside neatly.

2. Define Zones Inside the Makeup Drawer

For this step, you are going to need a drawer organizer. I also like these interlocking trays, small boxes, small bowls, or small baskets. If you know me, you know I am the self-proclaimed queen of organizing with small baskets. Because they help me define zones.

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

How do you like my makeup drawer now? Let’s take a look at the before and after, and see if you get inspired and get your makeup drawer organization going, too!

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

I have had the drawer organizer for quite some time, and it helps. But all other things were just randomly thrown inside the drawer, rolling all over. I solved that problem for free: I defined more zones using small handmade boxes. Yes, I made them.

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

Another practical solution I found was to use my beloved kitty’s food bowl. She passed away two years ago, and it was hard to let go of it. So I put it to good use, holding my rings and earrings, and I keep her close to my heart each day.

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

3. Clean Up and Decorate Your Bathroom Counter

Lastly, give your bathroom vanity counter a little TLC. Now that all your random things are neatly tucked inside the drawer, keep the counter space open and have fun decorating.

I have to thank my mom for the gorgeous Christmas present she gave me, which pushed me to get my vanity organization done. She gave me all sorts of bathroom accessories including a monogrammed cross-stitched hand towel.

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

And love me some almond hand lotion. Time to start moisturizing more often, my hands really take a toll with all the papercrafts I make. Having this gorgeous set in plain sight helps with my routine.

Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization

This makeup drawer organization took me 2 hours. And that includes propping the items and shooting pictures! So, I am sure you can get it done in under an hour.

Are you inspired yet? I hope so!

Week 4 - Makeup Drawer2
Week 4 of 52: Makeup Drawer Organization


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