Azure Inspired Laundry Room Design Board

Last week the washing machine broke down. So, I have been running to my mom’s and to my friend’s house to do the laundry with a basket attached to my hip. But here is the bright side: out with the old, in with the new, and while we wait for our new washer to come in, I get to give my laundry room a well-deserved makeover.

A couple of months ago, I cleaned and organized the cabinets in the laundry room. Besides doing that, there wasn’t much I could do to it, although it was begging for a fresh coat of paint. Having to move the washer and dryer out of the room now gave us a push to jump on the project.

Azure washer & dryer set | Laundry Room Design Board

I have had a white washer and a white dryer for the last 10 years, inside a laundry room with white cabinets and white walls. If we were going to start fresh, a pop of color was definitely a must. The azure inspiration comes from the new Samsung front loaders. My taste always gravitates towards blue hues, it’s in my nature. Azure is a shade of pure and bright blue (azzurro in Italian, azul in Spanish). Aren’t they beautiful?

Azure Samsung front loaders | Laundry Room Design Board

I picked the color for the walls based on the machines. I went to Lowe’s, grabbed a couple of paint chips in the sand/stone shade I had in mind, and set them against the azure. I settled for Intuitive, a beautiful ‘greige’ shade by Olympic. I have read on several blogs that it is really hard to come up with a nice shade of greige, but when I set the Intuitive OL224 chip against the azure, there was no doubt in my mind that it was the one.

We won’t be getting the stands since the main idea is to place a countertop over the machines. Ok, ‘the main idea’ is an understatement, this is a dream I have had for the last three years, at least! Amanda’s laundry room makeover at The Hatched Home really inspired me. The wooden countertop is just perfect (see below) !

Azure Inspired Laundry Room Design Board


Laundry Room Decor and Other Accessories

Here are some other bits of inspiration I have to complete the look of the room. The following are affiliate links. For more information, please read my Affiliate Disclosure page.

  • White and blue ceramic knobs. I can’t believe I never added knobs to my cabinet doors. Right now, they’re so white and ‘blah!’, so this will be a great and inexpensive improvement.
White and blue ceramic knobs - Azure Laundry Room Design Board



  • These hand knitted baskets. I think they will be perfect to keep on the countertop to toss dirty kitchen towels and placemats every night until I am ready to start a new load. And the occasional pair of socks my son leaves on the floor…
White and blue striped hand knitted baskets - Azure Laundry Room Design Board


  • I love this laundry room wall art. It’s fun without being corny. The colors are subtle, it’s functional – I love the basket to toss mail or any other paper momentarily – and the clothespins add the perfect laundry room decor touch! I might or might not DIY a knock-off; I will let you know. 🙂 – You can find it at World Market.
Laundry room wall art - Azure Inspired Laundry Room Design Board


  • This rug. It’s so beautiful, I almost don’t want to purchase it. I am undecided only because my laundry room is such a high traffic area since it’s the passageway from the garage to the family room and I am afraid the ivory would be more like gray in no time. I think it’s a nice wool rug for just under $25.00
Navy and white chevron area rug - Azure Inspired Laundry Room Design Board


  • I purchased this wall-mounted drying rack a little over a year ago. I just didn’t have the drive to mount it because of my dull white laundry room. But the day is finally approaching!
Wall-mounted drying rack - Azure Inspired Laundry Room Design Board


So, as of today, the laundry room walls are painted in Intuitive OL224 from Olympic (available at Lowe’s), the trim and doors are painted in ultra white (semi-gloss), and I received the Azure washer (waiting on the dryer, hopefully, next month!). I will keep you updated and link back here for the big reveal!

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Azure washer & dryer set | Laundry Room Design Board

Happy decorating!


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  1. I just got the azure washer and dryer set and love the design board. My question is, if I did this design idea what color should I paint the walls? White? I can’t do a dark color cause there is no natural light and is kind of a dark room. I kind of didn’t want to do white walls but will if that’s what will look best. Plus if I use white and azure accent pieces, wouldn’t the walls need to be white anyway to tie it all together? Sorry, I’m just horrible at figuring out paint color. TIA

    1. Hi, Bre! I was gravitating towards white to make the machines stand out, but my cabinets, doors, and trim are ultra white, and I wanted some contrast so I opted for a ‘greige’ shade. I agree, if there’s not much light coming in the room, dark walls is a no no. I love the clean look of white, but you can also pick an off-white / sandy beach color to complement the azure look. It really doesn’t matter if you have some white in the accent pieces. They are just that: accents. Remember it’s easier to change the accessories than re-painting a room. So pick a color that you’ll be totally happy with.

  2. Love your laundry room makeover! Our washer is also about to die, so we’re shopping for a new one. My favorite color is blue, so you can imagine I’m in love with your new washer and dryer set! Lol I wonder if I can convince my husband that we need those as well!

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