How to Minimize Receipt Clutter

Do you save all your paper receipts? If you do, you probably wish there would be an easier way to save them digitally, without having to pull out a scanner or pay for expensive gadgets. Today, I want to show you how I organize my receipts using a recently discovered receipt scanner app! You will love this receipt organization trick.

If you are looking for a that is user-friendly, search no more! A couple of months ago, I started using this app, and my receipt organization skills went from just OK to awesome.

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receipt scanner app

How to Organize Receipts Digitally

Paper clutter is my nemesis. And even though I have a pretty good system to organize paper at home, receipts organization has always been a struggle for me.

Before smartphones were even a thought, scanners were the only way you could digitize paperwork. Some companies launched expensive scanners and software specifically designed for paper receipt organization only. To me, this has always been revolutionary because paper receipts make so much clutter, but they’re always necessary to keep. At least for a little while.

receipt scanner app

Nowadays, the camera in our smartphones is a scanner, and digitizing paper has become easier and easier with the launch of new apps, including the app I am using now to organize my paper receipts. This app is SimplyWise.

So, if paper receipts and all the clutter they make is a problem for you, then you should try SimplyWise. SimplyWise is the easiest receipt organization app out there for scanning, digitizing, and organizing your receipts.  

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key features of this receipt scanner app

  • You can enter your receipts or papers into the app and recycle them immediately. 
  • The app organizes your receipts digitally and you can save them in folders depending on the category.
  • The app also alerts you to return or expiration dates associated with your receipts and coupons. 
  • Your documents are stored in a secure cloud with 256-bit encryption, which means they don’t take up storage space on your phone. It also means you can access SimplyWise from any tablet or mobile device, wherever you are. 
  • You can export your data out of the app and into an Excel spreadsheet at any time. 
  • SimplyWise costs $19.99/year, which gives the user unlimited document scans and unlimited document/photo storage.

How to Use SimplyWise For Receipt organization

The SimplyWise app is very user-friendly and intuitive. I love apps that guide me through the process of how to use them in an intuitive illustrated way, and SimplyWise delivers.

Here are the steps to organize your receipts, and how to go from a cluttered desk or wallet to digital organization in a matter of minutes.

First, you will have to download the SimplyWise app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. After that, follow the prompts to create your account.

For this example, I am showing how I scanned a receipt from the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.

Scroll down for illustrations only.

how to organize receipts

1. Choose a folder where you would like to save your first receipt. Because I am scanning a tax-deductible gift, I chose the Tax Deduction folder.

receipt scanner app

2. The app will prompt you to upload the receipt using the camera icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

how to organize receipts

3. Your picture is automatically turned into a document. You can choose to either edit the photo or click DONE if the document looks good.

receipt scanner app

4. The next screen will ask you to tap an option to categorize the document. In this case, I chose ‘Receipt’.

receipt scanner app

5. Next, fine-tune the details of your receipt or document. The app auto-fills some information for you, but you have the choice to add notes or correct any mistakes. Click DONE.

And that is all there’s to it. When you tap the ‘All Documents’ folder, you can see a list of all your receipts in chronological order.

Organizing my receipts with the SimplyWise app has helped me not only keep track of my purchases and details in one place. And I love how clean my wallet and my desk look!

Happy receipt organizing,