How to Install Blinds With Confidence!

Looking to upgrade your old blinds or install new ones for the first time? In this post, I show you how to install new blinds on a window or a door easily. If you find installing new blinds intimidating, fear not! This easy-to-follow 5-step tutorial will help you conquer your fears and confidently complete the job!

Our primary bedroom has a glass door leading to a balcony. I have always loved the daylight coming through the glass, making the room look open and bright. But living in South Florida, far too often, I had to lower the blinds completely to prevent the room from getting warm, especially during sunset hours. Lowering the bamboo blinds didn’t allow any rays of light to come in. It was either light all in or all out.

So, I decided to install new cordless faux wood shutter-style blinds to have more control over the light coming through the glass door.

how to install blinds

Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Space

When we first moved into this home, the door leading up to the balcony in the master bedroom was the feature we loved the most. Soon, we realized we would need to install blinds for privacy and light control. We then opted for bamboo blinds with a cherry stain, which matched our bedroom furniture well.

During our son’s infancy and toddler years, we secured the blind cord by tying it in a knot and wrapping it around the frame to keep it out of reach. However, over time, the frequent raising and lowering of the blinds caused strain on the cord and the blinds.

Here are a few features that you must consider before purchasing and installing new blinds:

  • Before purchasing, you must decide if you will mount your blinds inside or outside the window frame. Your choice will define the blinds’ dimensions.
  • Material, size, and color options.
  • Light filtering shades.
  • Operation: cordless (manual), with cord, remote controlled.
  • Style: traditional, transitional, modern, etc.

Materials Needed to Install New Blinds

Most blinds are ready to install out of the box and come with everything you need (except for tools). Open the box and familiarize yourself with the parts and the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Install New Blinds

In 2019, we redecorated our bedroom from a traditional to a transitional style. We installed white plantation shutters on the windows but overlooked a ‘window’ treatment for the glass door. A few months later, I decided on these blinds from the Home Decorators Collection. However, installing them intimidated me, so I set it aside and forgot about them! I rescued them from a corner a couple of weekends ago, and here I am, installing these blinds five years later!

how to install blinds

The beauty of these pre-made hardware store blinds is that they come in various sizes, and I found the perfect size to fit our glass door.

1. Measure The Window

Begin by measuring the height and width of the window – or door- where you would like to install the new blinds. Measuring the width will help determine where to install the brackets holding the blinds.

Mark the place where you will drill the holes with a pencil. You can use the bracket holes as a stencil. The brackets have a small sticker in the back that you can reveal to temporarily attach the bracket to the wall while drilling the pilot holes.

how to install blinds - measure

You can use a level to ensure all marks are straight. In my case, I removed old blinds, so I had an advantage. I knew exactly where to install the new brackets, using the holes we drilled in the past as a guide.

2. Drill the Holes

After marking the spot, choose the right drill bit to drill the holes.

When choosing the right bit to drill the holes, I recommend you go one size down. Sizing down ensures the screws will be tight and snug when attaching the bracket.

With the right size bit, drill the holes needed. Be patient in this step. In my case, I drilled into a metal door, which took quite a few minutes of slow and short drilling.

how to install blinds

3. Install the Blinds’ Brackets

With the holes drilled, install the brackets using the screws included in the blinds’ hardware packet. For this step, you can either use a screw gun or a regular screwdriver.

Ensure the screws are tight and the brackets are secured since these are the brackets that will hold the blinds.

Brackets Position

The placement of the brackets depends on whether the blinds will be mounted inside or outside. Pay close attention to the manufacturers’ instructions to ensure the brackets face in the right direction.

4. Attach the Blinds to The Brackets

Install the blinds by attaching them to the brackets. This step is as easy as snapping the back of the rail at an angle and then snapping the front. Most blind manufacturers widely implement this system, but I recommend you always follow the instructions in the manual while installing your new blinds.

If you are stuck in this step, I found Chantel’s fantastic video today with the step-by-step process. You can forward to minute 12:18, where she explains how to snap the rail in place.

5. Install the Blinds Peripherals

Your blinds are officially installed and most likely ready to use. However, most blinds will come with peripherals or extra parts. In my case, I had to attach a wand, a valance, and corner pieces.

Installing the Wand

The wand is a tool for changing the angle of the blinds. Installing the wand onto the blinds’ rail is as simple as inserting the clear piece into the hole; it snaps in instantly.

Installing the Blinds’ Valance

The valance is the decorative front piece that goes over the blinds’ rail to cover any visible hardware. The valance attaches to the rail using a clip.

The instructions from this particular manufacturer instruct adding the clip to the rail and then clipping the valance over the rail. However, I found it difficult to do it that way, so I did the opposite. I clipped the clip to the valance, and attaching it to the rail was much easier.

Installing the valance’s corners

My valance came with extra pieces that snap on the rail sides. It was easy to put the pieces together and snap them in place.

how to install blinds

How to Operate Your Newly Installed Blinds

How your blinds operate depends on the manufacturer and your chosen style. These blinds go up and down with a gentle push and a pull with your hand. The wand allows to change the angle of the wood slats to control how much light is let in.

Before and After Blinds Installation

As usual, I’d like to include a side-by-side comparison to show you the big impact of the new blinds’ installation in the room.

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