Quick Handbags and Purses Organization

Are you looking for ideas for organizing your handbags? Look no further! I have a quick, inexpensive, and easy-to-execute storage solution for your handbags and purses organization. Whether you store them on a shelf, in an easily accessible closet, or a walk-in closet, this closet purse organizer gets the job done!

Keeping my handbags organized on my closet shelf has always been a challenge. Although I am lucky to have a spacious walk-in closet, the configuration and shelving are not the best. So, I have always prioritized having my clothes hung and ready. My handbags and purses sit on the top shelf, with suitcases, backpacks, and tennis gear.

After a few years of adding more purses, totes, and handbags to the shelf, I reached the point of desperation. So, I did my best: I emptied the entire closet shelf, decluttered, and measured the space to accommodate a new storage system for my handbags and purses.

This handbag organization project is quick and inexpensive. I am sure you will love how practical and easy it is to execute. Even if you have wire shelving like I do, the purse organizer I found fits perfectly in any closet.

Handbags Organization Tips

Although I tried my hardest to keep my handbags clean, organized, and in their best possible shape, I needed a better storage system. They kept tipping and falling because there were no dividers or a system to contain them and keep them in place. I would pull one handbag out, and another three would fall over each other in a domino effect.

Here are some tips you can apply immediately for effective handbag storage and organization.

  1. Categorize your items into groups that make sense to you. For example, nighttime bags, designer bags, daytime handbags and purses, beach totes, backpacks, and others.
  2. Keep your most valuable handbags, such as designer handbags, inside their original dust bags.
  3. Nest beach and pool totes inside each other to save space.
  4. Store backpacks and travel bags inside suitcases and carry-ons.
  5. To avoid entangling the straps and handles, tuck them inside the bag.

My Current Handbag Storage Situation

Ever since I moved into my current home, I’ve been storing my handbags on a top shelf in my closet. Unfortunately, it’s not the best storage system for them. Some were standing upright, some were laying horizontally, while others were stored inside a bin. Last Saturday, it all looked like a handbag dump.

If you are new here, you must know that I am a tote junkie. I love them all! Big, small, bright and cheery, striped, neutrals, executive, beachy, you name it, I want it. So much for trying to live with less, especially when I recently wrote about how to declutter using emotions.

This picture screams everything but a ‘neat house’.

Last month, I received a beautiful designer beach tote for my birthday. When I tried to find a place for it on my closet shelf, I realized I had to develop a better system for storage for handbags, totes, and purses.

My new beach tote (pink at the top right) needed better treatment than that! So, I decided to take everything out, declutter, and set some aside for the donation bin. Right then, I went to Target and picked up a set of closet organizers, perfect for handbag and purse storage.

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Handbags and Purses Organizers

If you are in the same situation where your handbags, purses, and totes are scattered around your closet shelves or even floor, and need serious organization, these storage containers are a great and inexpensive solution. This line of zipper fabric storage cubes from Brightroom comes in sets of two, available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

I purchased one set Medium size and was able to fit a good mount of handbags. I am still debating If I should purchase one more set in size Large to fit bigger totes.

Zipper fabric storage cubes from Brightroom, available at Target

These zipper cubes are great for organizing almost anything in your closet. You could use it for bulky sweaters, blankets, or even sheets inside a linen closet.

Why This Organizer Works Great for Handbag Storage?

When I saw these closet organizers at Target, I knew they would make a great purse and handbag storage because of the double zipper. You can access the cube from the top or from its front side. I particularly love the clear window, which allows me to see my handbags with just one glance at the shelf.

handbags organization

The front window with a zipper is also fantastic because it allows me to open it up and remove a handbag without having to take the bin off the shelf. Of course, I am 5’8″, so that also helps!

closet purse organizer

Getting the Most Out of These Purse Organizers in Your Closet

If you are short on closet space, I have a few tips on how to get the most out of these purse organizers so you can maximize your handbag organization like a pro. Here are some tips to help you keep those handbags organized and in perfect shape.

1. Try Nesting Totes

As I mentioned earlier, try nesting totes inside other totes. For example, I folded a few canvas pool bags in half and placed them inside a bigger tote.

handbags organization

2. Test Different Configurations

Although the stock photo shows handbags sitting upright, it’s staged and organized for marketing purposes. The reality differs for each person.

photo via Target

For example, one of my beach totes was taller than the bin, so I laid it on its side towards the back of the container. I also tucked inside of it two other canvas totes. This way, I still have room to place smaller purses and handbags towards the front of the organizer.

3. Place Your Most Used Handbags Towards The Front

Following the beach tote example, I placed it in the back since I do not use it often. Organize towards the front your favorite and most used handbags for easy access.

handbags organization

4. Use the Organizers to their Full Capacity

If you fill the containers from the top, almost like packing a box, you will see their full capacity. After a few tries, I realized that if I grouped together shorter handbags, I could place my small camera bags on top of the other handbags.

The organizer on the left holds shorter purses with room to store even smaller handbags on top. The organizer on the right holds larger and taller totes.

handbags organization

5. Whenever Possible, Bend Your Bags

While I wasn’t too thrilled about squeezing my handbags tight, I could bend a fabric tote (pink on the right) to accommodate it inside the organizer.

handbags organization

You Don’t Have To Pack All The Handbags Inside Organizers

Although I could have added two more organizers to fit even more handbags, I figured out a configuration over my closet shelf that keeps the handbags organized without them tipping or falling over.

handbags organization

For now, I am very happy with my handbags organization! Two medium-sized bins keep my handbags organized, and three large totes (with smaller totes nested inside) sit upright over a fabric box were I keep winter clothes. You too can practice this organization system, especially with handbags with a flat and wide bottom.

handbags organization

Shop Totes, Handbags, and Organizers

Wondering where did I get this or that? Take a look at the boutique below!

I hope my handbag organization project inspires you to go declutter and get those purses and totes organized!

happy organizing, Flavia


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