DIY Mini Rolling Pins

Tiered tray decor lovers rejoice! Here is an easy DIY project for your farmhouse decor. These DIY mini rolling pins have been on my to-do list for a long time. Once I made the first three rolling pins, the next six were a breeze!

A couple of months ago, I purchased my first tiered tray. The things that Instagram makes you do! Tiered trays are all the rave lately. They have farmhouse charm with the loveliest mini rolling pins and are mostly filled with Rae Dunn pottery.

So, I decided to DIY mini rolling pins with Rae Dunn-inspired decals. Here’s how to make them. I suggest two decal options: do it yourself with a Cricut machine or with pre-made alphabet decals to DIY these Rae Dunn-inspired mini rolling pins.

If this is your first time making decals on a Cricut machine, and you want to give it a try, I suggest you check my tutorial: how to make decals with Cricut.

DIY mini rolling pins for tiered tray decor

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Supplies Needed for DIY Mini Rolling Pins

Heads Up: if you want to make the decals shown in this article, check out this tutorial.

supplies to make mini rolling pins

What Type of Wooden mini-Rolling Pins should you buy?

If you search on Amazon for supplies to DIY wooden mini-rolling pins, there will be many results. So many choices make the decision-making process harder. At least for me since I suffer from analysis paralysis. After reading many product descriptions and reviews, I settled for these mini rolling pins. You can also buy them directly from Woodpeckers, HERE.

They are exactly what I envisioned, perfect for tiered tray decor and when they’re finished, they definitely scream farmhouse decor!

How to DIY Mini Rolling Pins

1. Seal the Mini Rolling Pins (Optional)

As mentioned earlier, I like to seal wood surfaces to prepare them for paint. These mini rolling pins are no exception. The sealer creates a non-porous layer that acts as a barrier, allowing for fewer paint coats.

2. Paint the mini-Rolling Pins

For this project, I chose to paint the pins white, and aqua blue with black handles. But you do as you please. The sky is the limit! Because I love Rae Dunn pottery, and I have quite the display in my kitchen, I opted for black and white, and aqua for good measure.

farmhouse style painted mini rolling pins

Acrylic paint dries quickly, so while one mini rolling pin dries, move on to the other. When you have finished the third pin, the first one will be ready for decals!

Pro tip: the handles of these wooden mini rolling pins have a flat end. So, when you are finished painting the body, you can stand them up to dry on a flat surface.

3. Place the Decals

When the paint dries completely, take the mini-rolling pin and place the decal. I made my Rae Dunn-inspired decals on my Cricut machine using black vinyl. Then, I use transfer tape to transfer the decal onto the pin.

diy rae dunn mini rolling pins

Offset the decal (or alphabet stickers) 1 to 2 inches from the right or left handle of the rolling pin, to make room for the bow.

4. Tie the Bow

Finally, cut a 12-inch long piece of ribbon. It may sound like a lot, but I like to have enough to maneuver the ribbon and tie the perfect bow. For these Rae Dunn-inspired mini rolling pins, I used black and white gingham ribbon. The black checker’s design is trendy in tiered trays and farmhouse decor.

diy mini rolling pins

How to Tie The Perfect Bow, Every Time

You probably know how to tie a simple bow. However, if you want to perfect your bows, I have a mini-tutorial for you! I have been tying teeny-tiny bows for the last 10 years since I opened my Etsy shop, so trust me on this one!

Step 1. Lay the Ribbon Flat

Lay the ribbon on a flat surface and place the rolling pin centered on the ribbon. Leave the same amount of ribbon on each end.

diy mini rolling pins farmhouse tiered tray decor

Step 2. Crisscross

Crisscross the ribbon ends and tie a knot as you normally do. Think of it as tying your shoes.

diy mini rolling pins farmhouse tiered tray decor

Step 3. Make the Loop

Take one end of the ribbon and make a loop as shown in the picture. Face the loop upwards towards the mini-rolling pin handle.

Step 4. Cross the Other End

Take the other end of the ribbon and cross over the loop you made in step 3.

diy mini rolling pins farmhouse tiered tray decor

Step 5. Tuck it Under

Tuck the ribbon under, making the second loop. Use your index finger to push the loop under the first loop.

Step 6. Twist and Pull the Loops

At this point, the ribbon will pull towards the right. Just twist into position and slowly pull tight both loops at the same time to finish the bow.

And that’s all there’s to it! Customize and display these mini rolling pins in your kitchen, on a tiered tray, or on a shelf to add some rustic farmhouse decor to your home!


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tiered tray decor
tiered tray decor

Save the image below to DIY your Mini Rolling Pins Later!