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Easy to Make, Cute & Edible Easter Baskets

Of all the Easter candy available in the market, miniature chocolate colored eggs are my favorite. I love how they look displayed on a nest of coconut shreds, and that’s how these edible Easter baskets came to be.

Make these adorable edible Easter baskets to decorate your Easter table this year!

Easter will be this Sunday, but all the candy and chocolates have been haunting me for the last month, at least! I gave up sweets for Lent, so walking past the beautiful assortment of pastel-colored wrapped chocolates has been challenging.

And I was good holding off. Until my birthday came, and this girl gotta have some cake! …and then, I made these edible Easter baskets, and I nibbled on quite a few speckled chocolate eggs and some Sixlets. Who wouldn’t?

easter table decoration

These edible Easter baskets will be our Easter table decor this year. I can’t wait to see the kid’s reaction when they see it. Hopefully, they will wait until it’s time for dessert!

Ingredients to make Edible Easter Baskets

These edible Easter baskets are about 5 inches tall and 5 inches wide. They were very easy to assemble, too.

A word of caution: the handles on these baskets are not attached. They are simply tucked in the waffle cones within the coconut flakes. Although they can’t be picked up by the handle, they work great as Easter table decor. You can also put a few together in a bunch, to make a one-of-a-kind Easter table centerpiece.


There are basic ingredients you will need to re-create these edible baskets. However, you can fill them with the Easter candy or chocolate of your choice. I picked up all the items at my local grocery store. I am, however, linking to some of them for your convenience.

edible easter baskets - ingredients

To make the baskets you will need:

rainbow twizzlers

To fill the baskets, you can choose any (or all) of these to add variety.

milk chocolate eggs

I found a Peeps Rainbow Pop at my local Walmart. It comes with 4 small marshmallow peeps, in blue, pink, green, and yellow, on a stick. I just disassembled the pop, and laid them over the eggs, inside the baskets.

pastel peeps

You can also fill plastic eggs with wrapped candy, and place one or two inside the baskets.

1. Prepare the coconut flakes

For these Easter treats, I chose to use unsweetened coconut flakes, just to bring the sugar down a notch, but you can use the sweetened version if you prefer.

You can also use edible Easter grass in place of coconut flakes. I just liked the idea that coconut flakes are readily available at my local grocery store, and it’s much more affordable.

easter baskets

Measure 1/2 cup of coconut flakes and If desired, place the coconut flakes in a bowl (about 1/3 cup per basket) and mix with green dye. If you prefer you skip the dye and keep the coconut flakes in natural off-white.

coconut flakes for easter baskets

To facilitate mixing the green dye with the coconut flakes, spread the dye around the bowl. This helps avoid the dye to fall all in one place resulting in just a few flakes absorbing the dye.

green dye coconut flakes

Use a spatula to push the green dye towards the inside of the bowl.

green dye coconut flakes

Mix the coconut flakes carefully until all the green dye blends in.

green dye coconut flakes

I used green gel food coloring, however, I think that a liquid form would have yielded a better mix. So if you try the liquid dye, leave me a comment and let me know how that worked out for you!

2. Assemble the basket

Add the coconut flakes to the waffle bowl, and with a Twizzler, make an arch. Press the coconut flakes with your fingers, trying to bury the ends of the Twizzler inside the bowl.

edible easter basket

Compacting the coconut flakes as much as possible helps the ‘Twizzler handle’ stay in place. You could use edible glue to hold the handle in place, but I wanted to keep things simple. As I said, I will be using these as Easter table decor.

3. Add Eggs and Peeps

Now comes the fun part! Filling the basket with candies, chocolates, Peeps, anything really!

edible easter basket with eggs and peep

You can also skip the handle and make just a plain bird’s nest! For this basket, I left the coconut flakes natural (no dye).

How cute is this little edible birds nest? Not to mention yummy!

edible easter basket or nest

It was so much fun (and yummy) to play with all the candies and colors! I made three for this tutorial and I will be making three more for Easter day!

You can have fun with any possible combination. Below, a pink marshmallow Peep sitting on her nest with a blue Twizzler handle.

 edible easter basket peeps

A blue marshmallow Peep sitting on her nest with a yellow Twizzler handle.

blue peep in easter basket

I love the concept of the birds sitting over the miniature eggs. But how adorable is one single -unwrapped- Cadbury caramel egg sitting on the edible basket surrounded by Sixlets?

edible easter baskets flat lay

I hope these adorable and inexpensive edible Easter baskets inspire to create a beautiful Easter tablescape and decor!

Happy Easter!

Make these adorable edible Easter baskets to decorate your Easter table this year!