Simple Gift Ideas and Free Christmas Gifts Planner

This Christmas gifts planner is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s simply a template that will help you get your Christmas gift ideas in order before you hit the stores or browse the internet.

What this printable can do for you is give you a reason to slow down. So you can sit, and take the time to plan ahead in the comfort of your own home. 

A blank paper and pen are more powerful than sitting in front of the computer looking for gift ideas, especially around Christmas time. As much as I love the web, browsing internet pages takes me down the rabbit hole, and in the end, I do not get much done.

Christmas gifts planner

Along the same lines, walking through the stores during the holidays gives me analysis paralysis. So many things, so many sales, so little time! My eyes are always glancing over to the ‘next shiny object’ before I even finish appreciating the one I am holding in my hands.

Printing this Christmas gift planner is the first step to stress-free holiday planning and shopping. So, grab a cup of coffee – or tea-  and take the time to think thoroughly about the Christmas presents you want to give.

The Importance of a Christmas List

It is not the first time I share a printable checklist with my readers. Regardless of how many productivity phone apps are available, I will always rely on pen and paper. 

So, it was only natural to create a Christmas Gifts Planner list to be able to organize those thoughts, especially when the holidays are a very busy time for all families.

This planner will help you avoid impulsive buys that usually end up being poor (and sometimes pricey) choices!

Christmas gifts planner present ideas

The following are a few printable lists I have created before. Feel free to check them out!

Christmas Gift Ideas

When it comes to shopping for gifts, I am always stumped. Coming up with Christmas present ideas that are both beautiful and useful is always a challenge. The major roadblocks we all usually hit are:

  • Not knowing if the recipient would like it, would use it, or if it would fit him/her.
  • Not knowing if the recipient already owns the things we are thinking about.
  • Finding things that are out of our price range
christmas presents ideas planner

We must think outside the box if we want to come up with clever Christmas presents ideas. My new favorite is giving the gift of simplicity, especially around Christmas. Because in the end, is about the thought, not about impressing others. And the truth is, if you give a thoughtful gift, regardless of how much you pay for it, you will make an impression. 

Giving the Gift of Simplicity

Lately, more and more people -myself included- are leaning towards minimalism and embracing the less is more mindset in their homes. We all want less stuff to store, fewer things to clean, and fewer things to take care of. At least, I know I do!

People -especially millennials- want simple pleasures that do not mean high maintenance or clutter in this day and age. Things that aren’t necessarily things. 

Here are a few examples of Christmas presents ideas you may not have thought of yet!

Give the Gift of Experiences

Many moms prefer their kids to have experiences rather than things. A quick search on Groupon will yield dozens of options from indoor playgrounds to mini-golf, bowling, arts and crafts activities, paint and pottery, stem labs, etc.

Help Funding a Good Cause

Instead of adding more clutter to their homes, many infant and toddler parents prefer to put the money that otherwise would be spent on toys towards a college fund or a savings account.

Electronics with a Purpose

These days, kids love electronics. The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is a great gift that helps kids have interactive fun through audible books, music, tales, commands, and more! Our 8-year-old has so much fun with it. He sets timers, especially for reading time, asks for jokes, plays -clean- music, and asks questions about math, science, basically anything that he’s curious about!

An e-reader like this small, affordable, and very compact Kindle is a great choice for avid readers. I love mine! If you know a book-lover, a membership to unlimited books or audio-books is always a good idea.

More Natural Living

Women everywhere are in search of a more natural way of living. A starter kit of essential oils will help them get started. I recently made my own countertop cleaner for a chemical-free kitchen, and I am so happy with the results.

Gift Cards to Experiences or Consumables

Teachers, friends, neighbors, and coworkers always appreciate gift cards to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant. I will always welcome a DD or a Chick-Fil-A gift card 🙂

For the Minimalist

The minimalist that doesn’t want more clutter will appreciate experiences instead of things as well. Experiences may include photography classes, a Craft Night in town, cooking classes, etc. Find many of these on Groupon.

These are a few simple Christmas present ideas that are easy to shop for but always thoughtful and welcome by many. 

Download Your Free Christmas Gifts Planner

Just remember, before you hit the stores or start browsing online, write your list of ideas using this Christmas Gifts Planner.

Christmas presents ideas
  1. Write all the names of everyone you are shopping for. Be thorough with this step, so you don’t leave anyone out.
  2. Set a budget. You can either set a budget per person or start with a total budget and distribute it as you think it fits. It is important that you do not skip this step or you take the chance of spending too much.
  3. Write your idea. Spend some time giving a good thought to the present you want to give, according to the budget set in step 2. The gift ideas mentioned above are a thought starter.
  4. Write down the store or website where you plan to buy it. This may sound unnecessary, but it will save you time and probably money in shipping charges if you buy more than one present at the same store.

When you are done with the first 4 fields of the planner, you will be ready to go shopping.

Once all the gift shopping is done, you can use the last 2 fields on the planner to mark how much you spent and track if the gift was wrapped and/or delivered (to you or to the recipient).

If you buy more than one gift on the same transaction, use the purchased checkbox, and note down your expenses once you have time to break down the charges with the receipt on hand.

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Christmas gifts planner

Now that you have a clear idea of how to use this gift planner and how to plan your holiday shopping download it and print it!