Teen Boy Bedroom Plans

Another room makeover is underway! This time, I am working in an industrial teen boy bedroom for our son. Even though he will be turning 12 years old in the summer, this makeover counts as his ‘teen boy bedroom’ update. In this post, I will show you a mood board, paint colors, and all the teen and gamer boy bedroom decor ideas I gathered so far!

industrial teen boy bedroom mood board

This is the current look of the bedroom. I can’t believe I actually have a decent picture. The room is a mix of nautical and patriotic decor in red, white, and blue.

teen boy bedroom decor plans

Logan has been begging for a different paint color on the walls for a couple of years now. Something bold that would be more of a representation of a pre-teen boy’s bedroom. So I went for the industrial and cool gamer boy, bedroom decor route.

Our Boy’s Bedroom Decor Stages

Transforming this room is always bittersweet. It has marked two important milestones in my writing and content creation career. Maybe this teen boy bedroom mood board and makeover will mark another!

First, it was the cutest nautical nursery ever. It inspired my first blog, and it was even featured in Cosmopolitan Pregnancy!

  • Nautical Nursery Featured on cosmopolitan Pregnancy - Australia - Flavia Andrews
  • Nautical Nursery Featured on cosmopolitan Pregnancy - Australia - Flavia Andrews

Then, we transitioned it from nursery to toddler room by just adding a bed frame to the crib’s headboard and a storage cubby where the rocking chair was (sob!). See the slideshow below!

An e-how.com editor contacted me, and I got my first freelance writing job, which eventually pushed me to start this blog!

At some point in 2015, this side of the room looked like this. The Ikea Trofast was the best way to store his train collection.

2015 – 2017

After a few years, we purchased the new (blue) queen bed, installed a TV on the wall, and moved the dresser over to the opposite wall. I never published those changes as it was more of a matter of moving furniture around than an actual makeover.

So, long story short, here’s what our boy’s bedroom looked like up until recently! It is dismantled, and we are waiting for the carpet company to come tomorrow.

teen boy bedroom decor

Needless to say, the bedroom was a complete mix and match of all the things we have accumulated throughout the years. It was definitely time for a decluttering session, and brainstorming ideas for cool teen boy bedroom decor.

Teen Boy Bedroom Paint Colors

The starting point for most of my projects is a fresh coat of paint. Logan asked for black walls. Typical of a boy who wants to play cool. But I love light, bright, and airy spaces, so that was out of the question.

We compromised, and we chose Sherwin Williams Software SW7074, which is a dark gray but with a high LRV (Light Reflection Value). My initial thought was to paint over the baby blue and leave the beadboard white. But a quick search on Pinterest changed my plans and we painted the beadboard dark gray and the top part of the wall in Sherwin Williams Nebulous White (SW7063).

teen boy bedroom decor ideas mood board

Painting beadboard is not an easy feat. Want a laugh? Check out this IG Reel.

Teen Boy Bedroom Mood Board

After choosing the paint color, I thought of bringing the color black Logan asked for, with accent pieces. I am removing all red from the room to make it less childish and definitely give more of an idea of a bedroom for a teen boy. This is probably the final stage of this bedroom before my boy is off to college, which makes me cringe!

I am also adding brown tones (wood and leather) for that industrial and vintage vibe. We are moving in the nightstand from the guest room, and I am painting it with Fusion paint, in Coal black.

teen boy bedroom ideas

As usual, I know some things will not go as planned. Like the awesome black desk I had saved in my cart, and it was unavailable when I went to check out two days later! Never leave your cart unattended.

I also have a couple of DIY projects planned for the bedroom decor. My gamer boy asked for some videogame-related decor for his room, so I caved. So, this teen boy bedroom mood board is a mix of old, new, industrial, vintage, modern, boho, and gamer ideas. Phew.

Links and Resources for Teen Boy Bedroom Decor

Here’s the list of resources for the items you see on the mood board.

Furniture and Fixtures for Teen Boy Bedroom

  • Industrial Caged Fan and Light Combo – Home Depot
  • Bed – Unfortunately, this bed is discontinued. But Better Home and Gardens still makes the same style in headboards only.
  • Nightstand – existing. I will paint it with Fusion paint, in Coal black.
  • Campaign Wood Writing Desk – Target
  • Copley Upholstered Dining Chair – Target
  • Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair in Caramel – Wayfair

Teen Boy Bedding and Pillows

Other Furnishings / Teen Bedroom Decor

  • Desk Lamp, Hearth & Hand – Target
  • Washable Tufted Rug – Target
  • Nightstand Lamp – existing. Similar here. The lampshade is sold separately.
  • Collectibles MultiKeep Box – Amazon
  • Industrial Caged Fan – Home Depot
  • Bamboo Desk Organizer – Target
  • Video Game Wall Art – DIY project. I will link it here.

Shop This Boy Bedroom Mood Board

See you soon with our boy’s bedroom makeover reveal!


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