Neat Living Monthly #4

Happy Spring Break! I can’t believe we’re halfway through March already! The weather has been weird lately. Two days ago, the low was 70, and the high was 91. Today really feels like spring, the low was 60 this morning, and the high will only be 71. Our spring break starts on Friday, and I hope the weather stays spring-like!

This past month I got knee-deep into cleaning out my office/studio. I am talking boxes and bags of trash and donations. It’s been bittersweet because I am letting go of a lot of supplies I used when I sold physical products in my Etsy store. A lot of memories and a lot of sales were made. But I need to move on since now I only offer digital products.

The decluttering process is overwhelming; therefore, it’s taking me longer than anticipated. I am almost embarrassed to say I can offer advice on the subject when I can’t even declutter with my own stuff! Ok, moving on.

Organize This!

I have to break this office organization into chewable bites. I have so many areas of concern that tackling them all in a week is nearly impossible. This is months of work! So, I asked myself one single question:

What is the one thing that you need to change right now?

The answer was clear. I had a rolling cart full-o’-crap by my side, driving me up a wall. Back in 2020, during the pandemic, I gave my son half of my office. So, at first, I thought having this cart with my necessities at hand was the greatest idea.

Clearly, it turned into a clutter-cluster. So, my first thought was to transfer them to my desk’s drawer, which I knew was full of junk too. And so the snowball effect began!

I took everything off the cart and set it on my desk. I followed four principles I always use when organizing. These are categories, order, proximity, and ease of use. You can see how I implement them in this kitchen cabinet organization.

Because many things were scattered all over my office, the decluttering, rearranging, and relocating process started falling into place.

Organized Desk Drawer

What once was storage for tech gadgets turned into a catch-all bin. So I relocated all those things that I do not need on a regular basis and moved in what should be inside a desk drawer. Or at least keep in proximity the things that I use the most.

Now everything is at my fingertips but concealed in a drawer. The cart is empty and out of the way. Hooray! I will show you more when I tour my home office. When it’s 100% ready🤞🏻


Things That Caught My Eye

So, here are a few things that caught my eye this past month. No affiliate links here; just spreading the news and sharing the love!

  1. Chocoflan – Oh, my, goodness. I gave up dessert and sweet cravings for Lent, so I haven’t tried it yet, but I am drooling. I am making this one for Easter!
  2. This Shiplap Kitchen Island – There’s Martha, and then there’s Megan. I love how ingenious Megan is! I have a bar-height kitchen island I am itching to improve. This project looks easy enough and very tempting!
  3. Tanaor Jewelry – The entire KJV Bible is engraved in this necklace. What?. Stunning!
  4. Taking Care of Photos Plants – My sister gifted me a photos plant in November, and look at it now! I followed her advice to keep it near a window but away from direct sunlight and water it until it is fully moist, but not water it again until the soil is fully dry. It’s a learning process. I love my photos!

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Things I am Loving Lately

My ‘things I am loving lately’ section is a collection of my current obsessions and the reasons why they’re worth sharing.

  • Hearth & Hand™ Quilt – I was looking for a light quilt to freshen up my bedroom for spring. I love the organic look and feel of this Magnolia product. I purchased it in-store without reading the reviews. Mine came out of the wash intact, and the filling has no shifting. I have a front loader, and I use a delicate cycle. I also purchased the matching shams.
Hearth & Hand™ Quilt
  • Grand Slam Skorts – With spring upon us and summer around the corner, these skorts are my work uniform. I have six, but this one is my new fave! I am 5’8″, 138 lbs, and wear a size Small.
  • Suction Vinyl Weeding Scrap Collector – I thought I didn’t need this tool until I went bonkers with my last vinyl project. I had scraps stuck to my floor, hands, and desk. This little thing works like a charm!
Suctioned Vinyl Scrap Collector
bedside table organization
Bible Highlighters (top right)
muna eye brightener - kara lip tint

Shop Things I Am Loving Lately

I am currently organizing under my kitchen sink (yes, again!), and I am excited to show you two new-to-me organizing items I found!

Until then,

happy organizing, Flavia