25 Must-Have Thanksgiving Cooking Tools

Writing my Countdown to Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist a couple of days ago, got me thinking about all the Thanksgiving cooking tools needed in order to make the workflow in the kitchen as seamless and painless as possible.

Because the truth is, hosting and preparing a homemade Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of hard work. Four days of work to be exact. But, all things are possible with the right plan and the right tools.

Here is a list of my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets that help me prepare Thanksgiving dinner with ease. Keep in mind that these Thanksgiving cooking tools can also be used for preparing any meal, for any occasion. So if you are making an investment in one, just a few, or all of these tools, I can guarantee you, you will be using them again and again for other occasions.

You can find the entire list of my 25 must-have Thanksgiving cooking tools all in one place RIGHT HERE.

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Basic Thanksgiving Cooking Tools

In this list, you will find must-have tools for your kitchen. Whether you are planning to prepare a Thanksgiving feast or not, these are gadgets your kitchen can’t live without.

Prepare and host the best homemade Thanksgiving dinner with this list of 25 must-have Thanksgiving cooking tools.


First and foremost, the number one Thanksgiving cooking tool I would recommend is a good set of cookware. Last year, a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, we purchased this Copper Chef 9-Piece Cookware set and I can not sing enough praises about it. The pans cook fast, and evenly, nothing sticks to them, and if it happens, cleanup is a breeze.


This is a must-have Thanksgiving cooking tool. Stainless and rectangular pans work best. Make sure to purchase a roasting rack where the turkey rests while cooking. It’s a great tool that will help you pull the turkey out of the pan. This stainless steel roasting pan and rack set is my favorite.

3. Knife Block

Chances are, you already own a set of knives, but if you are due for a new set, I highly recommend this Calphalon Cutlery Knife Block Set. I have been using them for a year now, and they still are as sharp as the first day I used them. The secret is the built-in knife sharpener inside the wooden block slots. It’s definitely a good investment for all your kitchen needs. 

4. Wooden Cutting Boards

Along with the knives, cutting boards are a must-have in the kitchen. Thanksgiving dinner requires a lot of produce and herbs chopping. This year, I will be adding this Organic Bamboo cutting board to my arsenal of Thanksgiving cooking tools. I personally love the design of the compartments.

5. StockPot

Whether you make a brine or not for your turkey, a stockpot is always good to have. It’s versatile. You can make soups, boil pasta or potatoes, make tomato sauce, etc.  

6. Colanders

A  colander is always helpful in the kitchen whether it is used to wash produce, drain pasta, boiled potatoes, etc. 

7. Vegetable Peeler

This is a must-have tool in any kitchen. I use my vegetable peeler every day! They are not only for peeling potatoes! I peel apples, cucumbers, carrots, even butternut squash!

8. Potato Masher

A potato masher is crucial and necessary to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner. These are useful to mashing any kind of vegetables though, such as peas and carrots. If you like whipped potatoes, as I do, you can opt for a very inexpensive electric beater.

A note about my Copper Chef Pots & Pans: a year later, and they look just as new. The ceramic coating is my favorite feature. This is definitely the best investment we did for our Thanksgiving dinner and beyond. You can see them pictured in this post. I want to add, that this set does not include a 12-inch pan, so I completed it with this other set.

Turkey Cooking Tools

Prepare and host the best homemade Thanksgiving dinner with this list of 25 must-have Thanksgiving cooking tools.

This list is a little more detailed oriented. To cook the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, I always prepare brine, make gravy from scratch, and add a lot of fresh herbs. I also make several side dishes that require a lot of prep. Here are my favorite Thanksgiving cooking tools!

9. Brining Bag

If you are brining the turkey, you will need a brining bag to store the turkey and pour the brine over it. 

10. Turkey Baster

Every turkey needs some basting. This is a must-have Thanksgiving cooking tool you can not afford not to have.  With a turkey baster you can pick up from the roasting pan, the juices that the bird has lost in the process, and pour them over and over again to keep it moist. 

11. Thermometer 

Any kitchen, any cook, needs a food thermometer to guarantee fully cooked meats and poultry. Undercooked meats, especially undercooked poultry, can lead to foodborne illnesses.

12. Disposable Aluminum Foil Pans

Deep foil pans come in handy to bake, broil and reheat all your Thanksgiving side dishes. Then, you can transfer them to your serving platters.

13. Glass Baking dishes

Along the same lines, you can opt for clear glass casseroles to serve side dishes.

14. Herb Mincer

Thanksgiving dinner is best known for the aroma of fresh herbs such as rosemary, sage, and thyme. An herb mincer and leaf stripper will save you lots of time during meal prep. 

15. Baking Twine

You will need some baking twine to tie the turkey legs before roasting.

16. Airtight Containers

With all the meal prep Thanksgiving dinner requires far in advance, and with all the leftovers you will have, airtight containers can cover all your storage needs.

17. Fat Separator

For authentic and delicious gravy, use a fat separator to separate the turkey juices from the fat. 

18. Electric Carving Knife

The tool that will make carving your Thanksgiving turkey a breeze. For perfect turkey slices, use an electric carving knife. With an electric carving knife, you can get as much meat as possible from your turkey, which means, less waste and more leftovers!

Thanksgiving Baking Tools

Prepare and host the best homemade Thanksgiving dinner with this list of 25 must-have Thanksgiving cooking tools.

The only time of the year you will find me baking treats for an entire day, would be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I have a few favorite recipes that I make over and over each year. With that said, I have accumulated a few tools that are strictly necessary for baking the best Thanksgiving treats!

19. Springform Pan

A springform pan is the best tool to make cheesecakes. I only bake cheesecakes once a year, and that is on Thanksgiving.

20. Pie dishes

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, or both! Homemade sugar-free apple pie is a staple on our Thanksgiving table. There are so many pie dishes to choose from. I personally love and own this one from Mudpie.

21. Rolling Pin

If you are rolling pie dough, you need one of these.

22. and 23. Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

Whether you plan on baking desserts or not, a set of matching measuring cups and spoons is a must-have in any kitchen. 

24. Baking Sheets 

A baking sheet is not only useful for baking cookies but also for broiling vegetables for your Thanksgiving dinner. 

25. Electric Stand Mixer

To mix and bake the best treats, you will need an electric stand mixer. They are great for mixing pie dough, cake batter, cheesecake batter, whipping cream, you name it. I have had mine for 12 years and it is in perfect working order. Definitely worth the investment.  

Hope you have found this Thanksgiving cooking tools guide useful. And, if you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, check out my Countdown to Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist, a free printable that can help you streamline and organize the entire week preceding Thanksgiving day. 

You can find the entire list of my 25+ must-have Thanksgiving cooking tools all in one place RIGHT HERE.


Prepare and host the best homemade Thanksgiving dinner with this list of 25 must-have Thanksgiving cooking tools.