5 Hidden Storage Ideas For Your Home

It will come as no surprise to you that I love storage. Anything that can help me stay organized is always welcomed in my home. I especially love pieces that are stylish and practical while offering hidden storage at the same time.

Being organized doesn’t necessarily mean you must have everything packed in baskets and boxes, all labeled and neatly put away in closets and cupboards. I believe that living organized is a lifestyle.

When you are able to figure out and define zones and storage systems for your items, it does not matter where or how they are put away as long as the system you are implementing is functional. If your organization system works for you and your family, and you are able to find things quickly (because you know where they are), then you are doing a good job organizing your home.

And that is what I want to show you with these examples of clever use of space without sacrificing style.

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Clever and practical storage without sacrificing style.

1. Storage Idea for Stuffed Animals and Toys

You are missing out if you haven’t purchased your first ottoman with storage yet. On an ottoman, you can sit, you can rest your feet, you can rest all types of things on top and if it has a removable top, you can store anything you can think of!

If you walk into our son’s room around 10:00 a.m. on a school day, when beds are made and stuffed animals are put away, this storage ottoman will greet you right at the front door. You can remove the teddy if you’d like and take a seat 😉

Clever and practical storage without sacrificing style.

I am sure you can imagine but, let’s take a look inside of the ottoman. He doesn’t play with all of these every day but when he does, you guessed it: we clean up in a cinch.

Clever and practical storage without sacrificing style.

Ottomans are probably my favorite piece for storage in any room around the house, because of their versatility.

2. Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry collection – especially the ‘fashion’ type – can get out of hand. I am more of a simple gal. I tend to wear the same chain and same studs every day. When I change my earrings, I get compliments every time. Because I look ‘different’.

Clever and practical storage without sacrificing style.

But, I still fall in love with the occasional necklace or bracelet that crosses my path at Target. And my sister constantly passes me down plenty of bracelets, and earrings.

Clever and practical storage without sacrificing style.

When I spotted this jewelry armoire on a JC Penney catalog 7 years ago, I knew I found the perfect piece. This hidden armoire not only stores my jewelry neatly without it getting tangled or tarnished, but it also conceals it in a stylish picture frame.

It hangs on a wall in our master bedroom, it doesn’t take any floor or dresser space and it’s very practical.

  • Find a similar jewelry armoire here

3. Window Seating with Storage

Serving the same purpose as an ottoman a window seat or bench offers both, comfortable seating and great hidden storage.

Clever and practical storage without sacrificing style.

Five years ago, when I was expecting our son, I fell in love with a nautical nursery I saw on the blog Project Nursery. What stood out for me was a beautiful hand-painted toy box that served as a bench too. 

We purchased two toy boxes and bolted them together. I hand-painted an ocean scene, and had someone make a custom cushion that sits right on top of it.

Clever and practical storage without sacrificing style.

Here is a picture of the bench when the room was a nursery. You can read all about this nautical nursery here! 

I love window seats. My long-time dream is to have a little reading nook in an attic with a window seat where I can store books and blankets. Window seats with storage are perfect for playrooms and are very popular in breakfast nooks. Think about all those kitchen gadgets you want to keep but are taking up too much space in your cabinets.

A window seat with storage in a kitchen nook is a good idea for hidden storage.

4. Chest or Trunks

Never underestimate the power of a small chest. As little as this one is, it is a very practical and stylish item in my home.

Clever and practical storage without sacrificing style.

Sitting on the floor, next to my favorite seat in the house: a very comfy leather chaise lounge. When the lid is closed, this tiny chest from Bombay Company holds my coffee mug in the mornings, afternoons, and every break in between.

It also holds my magazines or any other book I am reading at the moment.

Clever and practical storage without sacrificing style.

As much as I love Kindle books, blogs (hello?), and Pinterest, I still can’t part with the good old paper magazines. I have over two years of Better Homes and Gardens magazines saved around the house. If you, too, love magazines, consider a small chest as a magazine holder. I like that they are accessible without cluttering the living room.

Another practical and hidden storage idea for you. You are welcome!

5. Builder’s Grade Medicine Cabinet

The builder’s grade medicine cabinet has been totally underestimated by many. Mostly because of its name. Who says that you have to have only medicine in it? In our home, we have three medicine cabinets. Ironically, not one holds medicines. Well, maybe one holds a couple of first-aid items.

Clever and practical storage without sacrificing style.

The truth is that the medicine cabinet is ‘prime real estate’ when it comes to storage in your bathroom. These cabinets are built-in the wall of your bathroom, they are not taking any valuable space in your home and they can hold many, many things to help you keep your bathroom counter clutter-free.

If you don’t have one, or you are thinking about renovating your bathroom to bring it from builder’s grade to custom, please think twice about removing this gem. A quick search on Pinterest yields many results of excellent ideas on how to DIY a stylish built-in medicine cabinet!

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Do you have any hidden storage ideas that you love and have implemented at your home?


  1. Great tips, Flavia! I am a big (nee) SUPER fan of hidden storage. I also love to declutter. It’s a delicate balance, but when the need arises, hidden storage is so useful. It’s been one of my best investments at home!

  2. These are some really good ideas. I just moved and I’m currently trying to organize the storage space according to my needs, because my new place is not that big as the previous. Some of the suggestions seem to be the perfect solutions for me and I hope I’ll have them installed soon. Thank you for the great ideas and the inspiration!

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