Tips for Decorating the Master Bedroom

When we first moved into our home, decorating the master bedroom was one of the first projects we did. It was so exciting. We had a blank canvas and the possibilities were endless. We painted the room, added some molding to the walls and added custom drapes.

In all honesty, I didn’t have a vision. And 8 years ago, there was no Pinterest. Pretty sad, I know. I would draw inspiration from magazines and TV shows, but there were no virtual boards, no style boards. The closest thing to that was an Internet Explorer bookmark. Still, the room turned out really beautiful.

Inspiration via Parachute Home

Tips on decorating the master bedroom

This summer, I am in the mood to freshen up the master bedroom. I have been saving several decorating ideas (perhaps too many) and my creative hands are eager to move things around in the room. Maybe it is time for a makeover, or maybe I am just floored by these luxurious bed linens I found on Pinterest. Whatever it is, it’s summer and summer and linen go hand in hand. That’s a good start.

Choosing Bedding Basics

The first half of the makeover could be done, just by updating the bedding. These are my tips:

Parachute Home Bed Linens

Photography via Parachute Home

  • Color: Let’s start with white. It’s a classic. And a must for warm summer nights. However, the subtle gray pictured above from Parachute is lovely.
  • Fabrics: Pick a light and breathable fabric, such as linen, for a fresh look and feel. Parachute linens are garment-dyed and washed, for an ultra-soft finish.
  • Buy separates: No more unnecessary extras. Dump the top sheet if you will, and discover the easiness of just pulling a soft duvet over the bed.
  • Dress it up: Pick layers to beautify those basics. Accessorize with a throw.

Accessorizing The Master Bedroom

Because we are not ready to update our furniture (such as the bed, dresser, and nightstands), I will make some small changes that will still have a big impact in the room.

Parachute Home Bed Linens

Photography via Parachute Home

  • Create a focal (gallery) wall. Mix and match frames, and other wall hangings.
  • Forget the ‘rules’. I am taking down the matching mirror above the dresser and will mismatch the table lamps for a more homey look.
  • Rotate furniture. Now that we upgraded to a TV system that does not require a bulky box, we can discard the bulky media cabinet and bring the electric fireplace to that side of the room where there is actually more space to enjoy the heat on winter nights.
  • Dump the footboard and add a bench. This is a bold move. And I am not even sure if we can do it without having to take the entire bed apart, but removing the footboard will have a huge impact in the room as far as space goes.

Shop Around the House

Sometimes the answer to your dilemma is in the next room. Plus, it is always nice to rotate things around the house. When you do this, you do actually feel like you just brought it from the store.

Parachute Home Bed Linens

Photography via Parachute Home

The plan is quite simple.

  • Move some wall art around, to add it to the gallery wall
  • Place some books on top of the bedside table
  • Fill in the gaps with all sorts of knick-knacks such as candles, faux succulents ( I love these) and glass bowls to catch jewelry and loose change at the end of the day.

It all sounds simple, right? Hopefully, we will get around it soon, and I will be more than happy to share the progress with you.

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