Declutter Checklist: 101 Things You Can Get Rid of Today

If you feel like you are drowning in stuff and don’t seem to have enough time to purge your home, this list of 101 things you can get rid of today comes to the rescue. Download our free checklist to declutter your home. You will be able to clear out 5 rooms in one day!

Declutter Your Home With This Room by Room Checklist

Letting go of things is hard; I get it. We always seem to find a reason not to let go of something. But I carefully selected 101 items that you most likely have in your home, which are very easy to get rid of without any guilt.

To make things easier, I categorized them per room/space. Take 1 day, tackle 5 rooms, and declutter your home using my handy free printable checklist.

Room #1: Declutter The Home Office (or Craft Room)

The home office tends to accumulate useless things. I often wonder why I need 1,000 paper clips for. Things like post-its, pens, magazines, and catalogs are the perfect example of office clutter. Here is a quick list of 20 things you can get rid of from your home office today, without any regret.

letter trays see jane work
  1. Random sticky notes
  2. Wrinkled tissue paper, wrinkled gift bags
  3. Ribbon pieces that have no spool
  4. Dried out glue/glue sticks
  5. Bent/excess paper clips
  6. Broken staples strips
  7. Duplicated desk supplies
  8. Miniature erasers
  9. Reward cards
  10. Business cards
  11. Fabric or yarn scraps
  12. Owner’s manuals
  13. Magazines
  14. Old planners
  15. Broken crayons
  16. Dried paint
  17. Merchandise catalogs
  18. Old cell phones
  19. Duplicated USB cables, chargers, etc.
  20. Outdated software/CDs

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Room #2: Declutter The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places that accumulate the most clutter in our homes. Whether It is new cooking gadgets, new food we want to try, or knick-knacks to decorate the fridge, here is a quick list of 20 things to get rid of from your kitchen today.

things you can get rid of
  1. Cracked or chipped mugs, cups, and plates.
  2. Expired food
  3. Cardboard boxes
  4. Plastic bags from the food store
  5. Stained plastic containers
  6. Containers without a lid
  7. Bent and burnt cookie sheets or muffin tins
  8. Pots and pans past their best
  9. Dull knives
  10. Food no one ‘liked’
  11. Freezer burnt food
  12. Leftover food older than 3 days
  13. Broken gadgets
  14. Old or rarely used herbs and spices
  15. Stained/frayed placemats and/or tablecloths
  16. Excess/duplicated utensils and gadgets
  17. Condiments packets from fast food chains
  18. Disposable chopsticks and wrapped disposable utensils
  19. Takeout menus
  20. Paper clutter on the fridge door

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Room #3: Declutter The Closet

The closet is a dreadful room to declutter. At least in my case. We stuff our closets with clothes we don’t ever use and everything in between. Think spare buttons that come with new clothes – I have never replaced any! Those annoying wire hangers come from the dry-cleaners, and we tend to save just because they were free.

Whatever it is, closets are tough to clear out. Here is a quick list of 20 things you can get rid of from your closet today, without any regret.

things you can get rid of
  1. Spare buttons
  2. Holey or stained t-shirts
  3. Wire hangers/broken plastic hangers
  4. Socks with holes or missing their pair
  5. Clothes that have not been worn in a year
  6. Shoes that don’t fit well
  7. Shoe boxes
  8. Spare shoelaces
  9. Old hats and caps
  10. Unflattering clothes
  11. Old pajamas
  12. Boutique or department store boxes/paper bags
  13. Unused belts
  14. Unused purses/wallets
  15. Tarnished fashion jewelry
  16. Earrings with no pair
  17. Stained or damaged clothes beyond repair
  18. Stretched out swimwear/underwear
  19. Extra pairs of flip-flops/slippers
  20. Clothes two sizes too big/too small

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Room #4: Declutter The Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the most neglected room in the house. We pack the closets and/or cabinets with stuff that we rarely use or only use once, like beauty products and makeup samples. Here are 20 things you can get rid of from your bathroom today, without any regret.

under bathroom sink storage
  1. Old makeup
  2. Broken hair ties or clips
  3. Excess bobby pins
  4. Hair products that didn’t work
  5. Unused hair styling tools
  6. Beauty products past their best
  7. Expired medicine
  8. Expired sunscreen
  9. Old hair brushes/makeup brushes
  10. Gloppy nail polish
  11. Broken or dull nail files
  12. Dull scissors and/or razor blades
  13. Old loofahs
  14. Handheld mirrors
  15. Empty perfume bottles
  16. Perfume samples
  17. Hotel samples
  18. Frayed or stained towels and washcloths
  19. Old bath mats
  20. Bathrobes

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Room #5: declutter The Playroom (or Kid’s Room)

The dreaded playroom. Just like the closet, this is a place where the purging process is hard. Your kids love their toys, and you love their artwork and crafts. But setting limits is an important part of decluttering.

You don’t need to save every paper with a scribble, and they certainly don’t need three and four items of the same. Take it from the mom with the kid with the most Hot Wheels® in the world.

This week, I will show you how to develop a great toys organization system in 4 easy steps.

Here are 21 things you can get rid of from the playroom today, without any regret.

  1. Excess stuffed animals
  2. Unloved dolls
  3. Unloved cars and trains
  4. Cheap toys received in party favor bags/happy meals
  5. Deflated balls, bouncy balls
  6. Cars missing wheels or parts
  7. Puzzles missing pieces
  8. Anything that is not age-appropriate
  9. Cheap souvenirs
  10. Artwork (snap a picture if it has sentimental value)
  11. Paper crafts like hats, puppets, etc.
  12. Stickers
  13. Books never read (donate to your school)
  14. Board games never played/missing pieces
  15. Broken outdoor toys
  16. Unused sports equipment
  17. Outgrown dress-up clothes
  18. Unwanted DVD’s
  19. Old coloring books
  20. Outgrown clothes
  21. Outgrown shoes

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Are you drowning in clutter? Don't seem to have enough time to purge your home? Here is a free printable checklist of 101 things you can get rid of today.
Are you drowning in clutter? Don't seem to have enough time to purge your home? Here is a free printable checklist of 101 things you can get rid of today.

Happy decluttering!

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  1. I love this! Even when I attempt to clean out rooms, I’m always amazed at how much stuff I decide to keep. Maybe using this checklist will help me say goodbye to the stuff I really don’t need and live more simply. Thanks, Flavia!

    1. Hi, Anna! I’m sure, it happens to me too, hence the list! But this list makes it easier, these are all items that you can discard easily without guilt, and once you start, you gain momentum and it is much easier to discard even more. Liberating! Thanks for stopping by!

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