Big Boy Bedroom Decor Ideas

As soon as the new year starts, I look around my home and start pointing at those projects that I said I was going to get done the year before, but I didn’t. Right now, I am riding a ‘high,’ taking mental notes, and writing down all kinds of wish lists everywhere! On the (rather long) list: Logan’s bedroom makeover.

To get my wheels turning, I needed to start somewhere, and that place was Pinterest – of course-, so I have been scouring the web for big boy bedroom decor ideas for the last few days.

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.

Logan’s bedroom is very, very, but very special to me because it was the starting point of my blogging journey. You definitely never know where one simple decision in your life is going take you. Seven years ago, I designed and decorated Logan’s nursery. I didn’t have Pinterest or Polyvore to create design boards. I just browsed products on the internet, marked a few favorites for online purchases, printed several pages, and even created a ‘Logan’s Nursery’ binder.

Not to pat me on the back, but the nursery turned out so beautiful that it would later make the rounds on the internet after I uploaded the project to the blog Project Nursery. Logan’s nursery was also featured on Cosmopolitan Pregnancy in Australia.

In 2012 I transitioned the nursery into a toddler’s room, by converting his crib into a full-size bed, just by adding a metal bed frame, and a full-size mattress. The crib’s headboard has served as a full-size bed headboard for the last 4 years, and although I love how practical and inexpensive this was, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

Color Inspiration for BOYS BEDROOMS

My most favorite part of  Logan’s bedroom has to be the wainscoting on the walls. The upper part of the wall is currently painted a soft baby blue. For your reference, the actual name of the paint is Clear Blue Sky by Valspar.

Here is a comparison of the room from crib to a full bed.

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.

Logan will be 7 years old this year (and he’s over 4 feet tall!), so I think it’s time to say goodbye to the soft blue and go a little bolder. As I type this, I am a little nervous because he said to me last night that he loves the soft blue, and how bright his room is, which is totally true. When we open the plantation shutters, the sunbeams make the room an adorable place to be.

But while browsing and browsing, I’ve fallen in love with the contrast that navy blue walls make against white trim and wainscoting, especially. Below are a few beautiful examples.

Beth, from Home Stories A to Z made over her boys’ room and the result is stunning. This picture helps me envision how the navy walls pair with the wainscoting.

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.


Besides the navy on these nursery walls, I also love how all the different textures and styles mixed in this design by Involving Color live together cohesively. And that is exactly what I am aiming for Logan’s bedroom. I don’t like matchy-matchy decor. I enjoy blending pieces and colors.

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.


After a deep research on navy blue paint (you’d be surprised how many articles and posts you can read about the -rather shallow- subject!) I found a tendency and preference for Benjamin Moore paint. I narrowed my favorites down to 5 samples.

They all look so different, yet it is so difficult to pick one!

Big Boy Bedroom Decor, Bed, and other Pieces

1. Queen Size Bed

The first item I will need to purchase will be a bed. I had a tendency to look for cottage style beds, but then I realized that the ones I liked were not only out of my price range, they were going to compete with the wainscoting on the walls. So, I opted to search for upholstered beds, which are not only surprisingly inexpensive but also take the annoying bed skirt out of the picture.

A quick Amazon search for upholstered beds will yield tons and tons of options and – again- they are inexpensive!! My mind is already brainstorming my master bedroom makeover. My Amazon search was good, not great. Only because I am picky and I really, really, want a navy blue bed.

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.

So, in my desperate search for a blue bed, I found this navy blue upholstered bed from Better Homes & Gardens for Walmart. I like the color, the lines, the legs, and at a price of $200 (queen), I must at least consider it. Besides, the wainscoting in the sample room gives me an exact idea of how the room would look like. The three picture frames above the bed resemble the ones we already have.

2. Bedding and Pillows

To continue with the navy and red theme, I found this plaid duvet set at Pottery Barn Kids. It might be a little hasty on my part since I don’t even have the bed yet, but I took advantage of a current sale and a coupon code and I saved a lot!. I love plaid, I think is very masculine and it will grow with Logan.

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.


I am excited but also on the fence with these two pillows I purchased at Target at $13.59 each! The “Always look on the bright side” pillow that I picked up at my local Target is perfect! I am not sure if the “This is my happy place” pillow will look good since it seems more coral than red and it has a yellow trim, but I could not resist the quotes and the price.

I think they will look great on the window seat. Let’s see if I use them in the end.

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.

3. Bedside Table

For a bedside table, I will most likely buy it second-hand from a thrift store and give it a makeover. I found that a new bedside table cost as much as a new bed, but that does not make sense to me! When the time comes, I will give you an update on what I decided to do. In any case, these three bedside tables have served as an inspiration:

  • Yaletwon $131 – I like how the shelf/cubby breaks up the monotony of the drawers.
  • Malibu $145 – The baskets add a touch of rustic charm.
  • Monterey $123 – Classic design, could use more interesting knobs.

4. Table Lamp

For a table lamp, I am considering a ‘task lamp’. When it comes to decorating, I like the traditional look more than anything else. I am stepping out of my comfort zone here, and I am considering something like this Elevated Task Lamp from Target. I think that the straight lines and the brass finish would add a more mature look to the room.

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.


Unfortunately, the lamp is out of stock so I am going to have to hunt for something similar. This could be another thrift store find, or a Home Goods find!

5. Wall Decor

Since the wainscoting takes up 3/4 of the walls, we really don’t have much space to put wall art. However, while browsing for big boy room decor inspiration on Pinterest, I stumbled upon Stefanie Gass‘ blog and I really like how she spelled out her son’s name on a narrow side wall.

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.

I have these galvanized letters I purchased at Michaels to decorate Logan’s 6th birthday. Although they’re not as big as these, I am sure I can make them work.

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.

Soon, I will be sharing with you Logan’s bedroom makeover. Then, we will see how similar my inspiration board is to the actual design.

Pin and save for later!

Stylish and affordable big boy bedroom decor.


  1. What an awesome room! We are in the process of making over our boys and you’ve given me inspiration! I’m sure he will like it. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

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