Game Changer: IZEA Launches iOS App

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The first two questions that arise in a conversation when I mention that I am a blogger are: Do you get paid for blogging? and How do you get paid? 

I am earning money on-the-go, thanks to IZEA's new iPhone app

Answering is not easy. Although the answer is: ‘Yes, we do get paid for the most part’, giving a straight answer on how we get paid is a little more complicated. Only because us bloggers, are freelancers. We work as subcontractors, we are not on a payroll and, in many cases, we do not know when and how much of an income we will have at a given time.

I myself, was very skeptical in the past and did not really grasp the whole concept of blogging and ‘making money from home’ until I decided to take it seriously. And when I decided to take my blogging journey to the next level, I joined IZEA.

Today, I want to tell you how IZEA is throwing a game changer that will revolutionize the blogosphere, in a good way.

Game Changer: IZEA launches iOS App

What is IZEA?

In a few words, IZEA is a platform that connects bloggers and other social media influencers with brands.

Through IZEA, bloggers like me, can connect with brands, bid and negotiate on opportunities and generate income by promoting these said brands.Such opportunities are called sponsored opportunities.

A sponsored opportunity refers to a chance for us to get paid for posting content on our blogs. Based on the blogger’s profile and the blog’s niche, opportunities to share and spread those news about a product, service, or campaign, will arise and it’s in the blogger’s hands to accept the opportunity or not.

When you accept an opportunity, you commit yourself to follow determined guidelines that the advertiser requires you to follow, as well as meeting a deadline. That means, submit your content in a timely manner. The most important part about posting a sponsored opportunity is to be excited about it, and believe in the news you are spreading about the product, or any other service that the advertiser has requested.

The IZEA iOS App is Launching Today

I am constantly on the go. People say that I live glued to my iPhone, and I am totally unapologetic when it comes to that. The truth is, I am managing my business and I don’t want to miss a single opportunity when it arises. 

IZEA knows its bloggers. We are mothers, fathers, students, hard working, very active and busy people that is always on the go. So, IZEA launching an IZEA iOS App on February 9, is a game changer for me.

Last year, I remember sitting in my car, in a long carpool line at school waiting for dismissal time. I checked my email on my phone and found a message from IZEA. An advertiser had picked me to post on their behalf a status update in one of my social media channels. This is what is called a direct offer. I was beyond excited to find it, I could not wait to get home to my desktop to submit my content.

Today, the game rules have changed, in a good and much more beneficial way. With the IZEA iOS app, I can now access my dashboard from my iPhone. Now, at any given time, right at my fingertips, I can:

  • check my opportunities
  • see what I have pending
  • see what has been published and/or what needs content
  • submit bids

Game Changer: IZEA launches iOS App

  • submit contentGame Changer: IZEA launches iOS App
  • cash out funds

Game Changer: IZEA launches iOS App

When you are in business, and you really mean business, there is nothing more exciting than receiving a good old notification of a new blogging opportunity.

A couple of days ago, I jumped on a notification so quickly, that I forgot to screenshot it. It read: Hey, Flavia Andrews! You have a new opportunity! 

I submitted my bid, was approved within minutes, submitted my content, received a request of a small change to that content, re-submitted and was approved, all in a matter of hours.

Game Changer: IZEA launches iOS App

Totally amazing, to be able to submit my content directly from my phone, just like typing a text. If there is something I have learned in 5 years of being a small business owner and a blogger, being responsive is one of the qualities that will lead you to success.

IZEA has not only made a responsive app, but it has also made the communication between brands and bloggers, easy, productive and effective.

Time Management at Its Best

When you are in business, and you love your work (most of us bloggers do!), you sure don’t want to miss a beat. Sponsored opportunities can arise at any given time, and you are going to want to jump on it if you are interested. The IZEA iOS app lets you access on your iPhone, all the features you would on your desktop.

Last Saturday we spent some time outside enjoying the beautiful weather in South Florida. To be able to access my IZEA dashboard and still don’t miss some quality time with my son, is priceless.

Game Changer: IZEA launches iOS App

The world is in constant change, and so is the way people are communicating, business are managed and marketing strategies are executed. Today, bloggers have taken marketing to a whole new level. We are very well called social media influencers, because we are the bearer of the news about new products, services and happenings in the world of consumables.

We, believe it or not, are moving the economy. And the IZEA iOS app just made it a whole lot easier for bloggers and brands alike.

I am earning money on-the-go, thanks to IZEA's new iPhone app

If you are a blogger or a social media influencer, and would like to join IZEA, you can do so here.


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