Bluehost Step by Step Tutorial

This is a Bluehost step by step tutorial that will walk you through creating a WordPress blog on Bluehost with the help of screenshots.

If you have been wanting to start a self-hosted blog on WordPress, but are overwhelmed by the amount of information you have to read, handle, and absorb, then this post is for you.

This tutorial is an extension of my first tutorial: How to Start a Self-Hosted Blog on WordPress. If you don’t know what a self-hosted blog is, I recommend you read that article first and come back to this one when you are ready to start.

Bluehost is a web hosting company. That is a company that will host or keep your blog’s content safe on their servers. Bluehost has been my web hosting company since 2013 and I feel comfortable recommending them to my readers and to all those who are looking to start a self-hosted blog.

When I first signed up with Bluehost in October of 2013, I had to install WordPress myself. Today, Bluehost has made it even easier for new customers to create their websites and blogs on WordPress with just one click.

The tutorial below will show how. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start your self-hosted WordPress blog on Bluehost.

1. Visit Bluehost’s Home Page

The first step is to visit, this link will open in a new tab so you can come back easily to this post and start following the steps with the visual help of the screenshots.

Your landing page will look like the screenshot below. The price you will pay for hosting will depend on the current sale that it’s being offered at the time of your click. By using my link, you’re guaranteed a very low price.

When ready, click on the green ‘get started now’ button.

A Bluehost screenshot

From time to time, as a Bluehost affiliate, I receive news of flash sales and special super-low prices. To take advantage of the best available offers, sign up for my Blogging & Business newsletters and special offers, using the form at the end of this post.

2. Choose a Hosting Package

The next screen you will be taken to will look like the screenshot below. Here, you will choose the package of your choice. Most bloggers start with the basic plan. Four years later, I am still running my blog on a basic plan. You can always upgrade in the future as your blog/website grows.

A Bluehost

3. Choose a Domain Name


Once you select the plan, you will be prompted to choose your new domain (or type in your current domain if you already own one). All Bluehost plans include a free domain. Be mindful with the domain you pick for your blog, as it will be a representation of who you are, and what you want to tell the world with your blog.

Click ‘next’ to find out if the domain is available. If it is: congratulations! You’re ready to start a blog.

4. Purchase Hosting for Your Blog

First, enter your account information, something you would do with any other purchase on the web. 

After you have entered all of your account information, you will be prompted to choose your package information. In this step, keep in mind the following:

  • Account Plan: choose basic (cheapest) to start off. I recommend you lock in 36 months of hosting at the lowest price. You will receive your free domain (an $11.99+ value)
  • Domain Privacy Protection: keep this box checked. If you don’t want your account information to become public.
  • To keep costs down, do not check all the other offers (such as Site Backup Pro, SiteLock Domain Security, Search Engine Jumpstart and Google Apps for Work). You do not need those offers to get your blog up and running. Eventually, as your blog/website grows, you can decide if you want to add those services.

Enter your billing/payment information and complete your purchase.

A Bluehost

5. Add-ons and Upgrades

Automatically, Bluehost will find recommendations on more domains available for you with a different extension. You do not need to purchase these. However, if you don’t want anyone using the same name of your blog but, let’s say ending in .net or .me, it is wise to take this step.

6. Welcome to Bluehost

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a self-hosted blog, with your very own domain.

After receiving this message, you will be prompted to create your account password, and agree to the Terms of Service.

7. Access Your Account

Once your account and password have been created, you are ready to log in.

Once you log in, the next screen will ask you to pick a theme for your blog. You can do so then, or you can scroll down to skip this step and do it later.

A Bluehost step by step tutorial, with screenshots walkthrough to help you start a self-hosted WordPress blog in 20 minutes or less.

8. Access Your WordPress Dashboard

Whether you choose a theme or skip the step, the next screen will look like the screenshot below.

A Bluehost step by step tutorial, with screenshots walkthrough to help you start a self-hosted WordPress blog in 20 minutes or less.

Here you can choose to:

  1. Start Building your website on WordPress, or
  2. Go to your Bluehost account (cpanel)

If you choose option 1, click on the blue button and you will be taken to your WordPress dashboard. Your WordPress dashboard will look like the screenshot below.

Next, follow the prompts to start building your website or blog!

You can choose to launch your site now, or you can choose to display a ‘Coming Soon’ page. Launch when you are ready.

9. Launch Your WordPress Site

Once you decide to launch your WordPress site, the very first information that you will have to type will be:

  1. Site’s Title, e.g.: Neat House. Sweet Home™
  2. Site’s Description, e.g.: Creative Organization. Balanced Life.

Congratulations, your new blog is live!

A Note About Website Design

WordPress is an incredibly user-friendly tool to create beautiful websites. By clicking on ‘Appearance’, you will be able to find ‘Themes’ (some free, some paid) that you can easily install and start designing to your liking.

I personally use the Genesis Framework and the Child Theme,’Captivating’, from Restored 316. I explain in detail what does Genesis and Child Theme mean, in step 5 of my tutorial ‘How to start a self-hosted blog on WordPress’.

If you have any questions about this Bluehost step-by-step tutorial, or creating a blog in general, leave me a comment, I am happy to help!

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