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5 Stunning Bridal Shower Ideas for Summer

Wedding season is at its highest peak (May, June, September, and October are peak months), and that means that the search for bridal shower ideas is in high demand, too. So, if you are looking for a unique theme for your – or your friend’s – bridal shower celebration, I got you covered! In this post, you will find 5 bridal shower decor ideas for summer!

Great ideas for beautiful bridal showers to celebrate outdoors this summer!

As a lover of summertime, celebrations, and event planning, I could not help but to create a round-up of 5 stunning bridal shower themes inspired by the hundreds of bridal and wedding gifts I found over at HotRef Party Favors. Sometimes, inspiration hides in the littlest of details such as in cookies, a gorgeous vintage teapot, or a tablecloth. Just take a look at these stunning bridal shower ideas I collected from around the web.

1. Pink and Gold Bridal Shower

When used in subtle and delicate hues, as well as in good proportions, pink is always a good choice for feminine celebrations. Pair it with gold and you can add the perfect amount of glam to your outdoor party or intimate soiree. Be mindful with the shade of pink you choose and the amount  you use, as you would not like your bridal shower to scream ‘Princess First Birthday’.

Gold and Pink Theme Bridal Shower

{photo credit: glitter dipped mason jar, pink and gold macaroonsheart of gold favor}

Some of the ideas that I collected:

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  • Gerbera daisies in white and muted shades of pink, look chic and very feminine inside gold glitter dipped mason jars.
  • Add a touch of gold to your food. Pink and gold macaroons sure make a very glamorous impression!

Gold and Pink Theme Bridal Shower

  • These heart shaped soaps nested in beautiful pink striped and gold heart boxes, are the perfect give-away! My favorite part: the pink and white twine pull that reveals a gorgeous gold foiled box.


2. Rustic, Country-Western Bridal Shower

I melt with all things rustic and western. Gather with your friends in a farmhouse setting and have a relaxed celebration this summer. Wild flowers, cowgirl boots, and a romantic country music playlist will set the mood.

Rustic / Country-Western Bridal Shower

{photo credit: flowers in boots, antler favors, rustic drinks}

Some of the ideas that I collected:

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  • Nest bunches of colorful wild flowers inside country boots for an inexpensive and rustic, yet eye catching decor.
  • Your guests will love the presentation of refreshing pineapple coolers nested in a wire basket and adorned with floral-scented herbs.

A rustic antler bottle stopper, perfect favor for a rustic / western bridal shower!

  • Antler bottle stopper favors add the perfect rustic charm. Display the boxes open as a part of your table settings or decorations.


3. Beach Themed Bridal Shower

The muted hues of seafoam green, light blue and white, are the perfect starting point. A beach themed bridal shower should be relaxing and laid back. Some things you can do to make your guests comfortable: offer plenty of refreshing drinks, place a small tub with travel size sunblock, and another one with inexpensive handheld fans.

Beach themed bridal shower for the summer! How cute are the cookies with the pink flip flops!

{photo credit: cookies, sand dollar soap favor, flip flops}

Some of the ideas that I collected:

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  • Heart shaped sugar cookies resemble a white sandy beach, blue icing and pink flip flops. What’s not to love?
  • Make your guests feel the laid-back vibe by placing a tub full of flip flops and a hanging tag reading: ‘grab me!’

Sand dollar shaped soaps for a beach themed bridal shower!!

  • These adorable sand dollar shaped soap favors, are hard to pass. The beautiful raffia nest in an open-faced striped box completes the beachy look.


4. Garden Tea Party Bridal Shower

This is probably my favorite idea out of the 5 I’ve collected. Host a mid-afternoon bridal shower, serve light snacks, tarts and scones, and -of course- hot tea. Create romantic and beautiful place settings with mismatched vintage china and upcycled teapots.

Garden Tea Party bridal shower - Teapots and roses everywhere!

{photo credit: flower arrangement, floral ice cubes, linen drawstring pouch}

Some of the ideas that I collected:

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  • Vintage teapots – china or silver- filled with roses serve as the perfect centerpiece. Visit your local thrift and consignment shops, and hunt for ‘treasures’.
  • Make eye-catching and beautiful floral iced cubes by freezing edible flowers.

Garden Tea Party bridal shower - Teapots and roses everywhere!

  • Mini linen drawstring bags filled with your favorite tea bags, are the perfect favor for a tea garden party bridal shower.


5. Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

Oh, love me some nautical decor!  The timeless combination of navy and white will give your celebration a preppy look without too much effort. To achieve the nautical feel, concentrate in three key elements: anchors, stripes and ropes/knots. Stay away from light blues and sea-foam/mint green elements, since these hues tend to be more beachy (see idea #3) than nautical.

Nautical bridal shower, perfect theme for the summer.

{photo credit: blueberry mojito, striped tablecloth, anchor and rope tealight}

Some of the ideas that I collected:

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  • What can be more refreshing than a blueberry mojito on a hot summer day? Crushed blueberries, make the perfect navy blue drink.
  • A white and navy blue striped tablecloth sets the nautical mood with very low effort.

Anchors away rope wrapped votive candles! The perfect favor for a nautical themed bridal shower!

  • Anchors away! Rope wrapped tealight holders make a stunning favor that everyone will truly appreciate.


All the favors mentioned above, are available at HotRef and they can be personalized to include a name, date, or personal message! Now that you have seen these 5 ideas, pick a favorite and start planning the bridal shower of your dreams!- Planning parties is fun, isn’t it? 🙂  Until next time, XO

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